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Muppets From Space
Review written by: Alex Sandell

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Gonzo and Rizzo ponder life after Disney.

What's the story?

Searching to find out what he actually is, Gonzo throws the entire Muppet gang into more misadventures and comical capers.

So how is it? (Get to the point, already)

After watching Muppets From Space, I could only think about 2 things:  1. how I needed to go to the hospital because I kept being thrown into petit-mal seizures throughout the film and 2. how absolutely wonderful it is that Disney sold off the Henson company to Sony which allows the Muppets to finally be Muppets again.  No more Muppet retreads of classic novels such as A Christmas Carol and Treasure Island.   No "made-for-video" vomit such as that crappy thing that had the Muppets doing remakes of a bunch of stupid fairy tales (Muppet Classic Theater?).   Basically, no "disney-fied" Muppet drivel.  What we get with the new Muppets is basically what we got with the old:  lots of smart-ass humor and crazy shenanigans.  Yet, it's still missing one thing that the Jim Henson Muppet creations had in spades . . . a heart.

I walked out disappointed that there's no Rainbow Connection (which, as I've stated repeatedly on these pages, is the best song ever written) type "lump-in-the-throat" moment.   Instead, we get a bunch of cheesy remakes of songs originally performed by bands like Kool and the Gang, or something.  Thankfully, with exception to one, the songs are simply background noise ("noise" being the keyword, here) and aren't sung by the Muppets themselves.  Still, there's always been more to the Muppets than a few triumphant sad songs; so if you can deal with junk music in the background, you'll find that what you get in the foreground is well worth watching!

The Muppets are on their best behavior here, meaning that they basically drive everyone around them nuts.   They're crazy, wild and flying off of the rafters (or anything else they can hold onto).  They're meeting up with guest-stars at a rate that can only be rivaled by the original Muppet Movie.  And, best of all, for the first time since Muppets Take Manhattan (the last Muppet movie created before the evil Disney took over and Jim Henson died), the MUPPETS are the STARS. 

In Muppets From Space, the Muppets aren't relegated down to the level of "supporting character" in a movie led by some boring actor playing out his contract with Disney, such as they were with Michael Caine in Christmas Carol or Kevin Bishop in the abysmal Treasure Island.  This time, it's the "people" without hands up their butt who are stuck in supporting roles, as they very well should be.   I mean, these things are MUPPET movies, right?  I don't remember the original Muppet Show ever being titled, The Guest Star Show (Featuring a couple of Muppets).  It was The Muppet Show.  And it was The Muppet Movie.  And don't forget, The Great Muppet Caper, or The Muppets Take Manhattan, or, well, you get the idea.   Unfortunately, Disney didn't.  But I'm dwelling on the past, here.   This is the present, Disney has weakened their icy-cool grip on my old childhood chums, and all is well in Muppet-land, once again.  As Fozzy would say, "Wokka Wokka!" 

What does it make you feel like eating?

Doc Hopper Frog Legs

What are you selling us here???

There's some product placement for Minute Maid products.  There may have been more, while I was seizing.

If it won an Oscar, what would it be?

"Year's funniest comeback" - Muppets From Space

On a scale of 1-10?


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