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Fahrenheit 9/11
Review written by: Alex Sandell

Michael Moore has taken on everything from an automobile manufacturer to the NRA.  His movies have always been entertaining and thought-provoking, but none of them has had the power to change the world (although all of them helped turn him into the best-selling author of a few hilarious books).  

Fahrenheit 9/11 is less comedic entertainment and more serious documentary.  In it, Moore takes on his biggest target yet:  George W. Bush, his buddies in Saudi Arabia, and the massive corporations benefiting from the tragic war in Iraq.  But it's not just the Republicans that Moore criticizes.  It becomes obvious early on that he's sick of Democrats rolling over and doing nothing whenever their Conservative counterparts break yet another law.  If the sold out theater I watched the film in -- two times -- is any indication, Fahrenheit 9/11 just may change the direction America -- both Democrat and Republican -- is taking. 

During both screenings, an emotional audience cheered for our soldiers, cried for the parents that watched their babies go off to war, and snickered and hissed at the non-stop string of lies the Bush Administration has been selling the American public.  At both showings, the audience gave the movie a standing ovation.  The reaction coming from the crowd was almost as breathtaking as the documentary, itself.

Fahrenheit 9/11 is patriotic, brave, controversial and essential viewing for anyone who loves their country and world.  Michael Moore exposes truths that have been hidden in alternative print media, underground books, and FSTV (Free Speech TV), for far too long.  If you're an avid follower of the "alternative" (IE - real) news, nothing much about Fahrenheit 9/11 will surprise you.  What will blow you away is the incredible job Michael Moore did piecing it all together for a two hour film.  It's similar to the Bible being turned into an effective 120 minute picture -- both the Old and New Testaments.   

A couple of things are edited for time.  Moore almost entirely ignores George Bush's British lapdog, Tony Blair.  Blair has been nearly as bad as Bush in this corporate conspiracy for oil.  There is one fun poke at Blair, but Moore's obviously focusing more on the leader than the pathetic follower Tony has turned into.

The only thing missing that needed mentioning was Dick Cheney's Energy Task Force.  I've heard Michael mentioning it at rallies and in interviews, but it doesn't come up in the film.  It looks like no one can get to the bottom of the mess that Dick built.  The secrecy behind this "task force" is uncanny and more than a little frightening.  I'm sure it would have been included in the film had Michael found anything new to include; but Cheney sealed that can of worms so tight, even the Supreme Court can't pop it open.

But there is more than enough incriminating evidence in this film to impeach George W. Bush three times over, and buy every member of his cabinet a one-way trip to prison.  The Neocons have it confused, in all their complaints regarding this film:  Michael Moore didn't make Bush appear to be impeachable; George W. Bush is impeachable (and should damn well be impeached and hopefully imprisoned... in Guantanamo Bay). 

Michael Moore didn't lie about weapons of mass destruction.  Michael Moore doesn't have a lifelong history with the Saudis (the very people behind the attack on the World Trade Center -- and in control of at least 7% of America's assets).  Michael Moore didn't order attacks on innocent civilians.  Michael Moore didn't sign the unconstitutional "Patriot" Act.  Michael Moore didn't commit war crimes.  Michael Moore didn't cut taxes for the rich, while recruiting the poor to die for them.  Michael Moore didn't exploit people's fears to convince them that Hussein was somehow tied to the attacks on September 11th.  All Michael Moore did was capture it on film. For that, Mr. Moore should be commended -- not criticized (but thanks to all the criticism, I predict Fahrenheit 9/11 will make more in its first week than any documentary has ever grossed during its entire run). 

This isn't the Michael Moore you remember from the groundbreaking Roger & Me or the Academy Award winning Bowling for Columbine.  There is humor in this picture, but it's sprinkled in with so much sadness and gloom, you can only force a laugh as a form of release. 

When you see a charred baby, killed by U.S. bombs, you're horrified.  Michael cuts from grotesque images of the innocent victims of a "smart" war to an ignorant Britney Spears chomping on her gum while proving, on the awful FOX News tabloid show, HANNITY & colmes, that she wasn't only dropped on her knee, but her head as well.  What a ditz.  "Oops, I did it Again" should be the theme song for her existence.

With ignorant sluts like Britney, trained to be plastic, lip-synching role-models for the corporate, Pepsi-guzzling generation, it's no wonder music hasn't awakened the masses, as it did during the Vietnam War.  But, as long as there's corruption and injustice, there will always be an artist with the skill and nerve to expose the public to what Britney Spears' trainers/handlers/puppeteers are trying so hard to hide.  Michael Moore is that artist.

Fahrenheit 9/11 is no flash in the pan.  The house will be packed wherever this film is show.  Audiences won't forget what they witnessed during the two hours they spent in the theater.   

The new revolution has begun today.  This time, it's been brought to us courtesy of one filmmaker with the balls to ask, "Why?"  For the longest time, Republicans have pretended to believe in that "trickle down" bullshit Reagan essentially touted as the second coming of Christ.  Financially, it has never worked, and it never will.  But Moore's revelations will trickle down upon the masses.  Americans are hungry for the truth and, once they find it, they'll turn their backs on the Bush's, Cheney's, Rice's, Powell's, Ashcroft's and Rumsfeld's that have filled them full of lies.

And then the questions will begin.  Why are innocent Americans dying?  Why are innocent Iraqis dying?  Why is all this death and destruction making the richest corporations even richer?  Why are the majority of elected Republicans such close-minded cocksuckers?  Pretty soon, everyone in America will wake up, and they will all have the balls to ask, "Why?"  And they're going to expect an actual answer, not another "victory" march on a battleship.  "Mission Accomplished?"  Not until November 2nd. 

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