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Superman Returns
Review Written by: Alex Sandell

"I like your video stuff," people keep telling me, "but when are you going to do another movie review?"  Then they start to cry.  "I just HAVE to know what you thought of X-Men 3," they blubber out through a face full of tears. 

"Okay," I thought to myself, "they like the videos, but they want the movie reviews --  What can be done to rectify this sticky situation?"  Then it came to me:  A video movie review!  "It's so simple!" I exclaimed to myself.  Then I asked myself to "keep it down" and only use exclamations when they're totally necessary.

So, without further adieu -- or French words -- here is my review of Superman Returns (and yes, I do say what I thought of X-Men 3, because you asked so nicely)!


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