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The entire cast and crew of My Super
dreaded the moments when
Uma Thurman would have flashbacks to
her days working with Quentin Tarantino.

My Super Ex-Girlfriend
Review written by: Alex Sandell

My Super Ex-Girlfriend is a big blob of missed potential that takes an interesting concept and does exactly nothing with it.  The movie starts out as a direct rip-off of the Christopher Reeve Superman films, disguised as a parody (similar to what Superman Returns did).  It then turns into yet another tired date movie that happens to feature a super-hero (similar, once again, to what Superman Returns did). 

There's the typical guy character that hasn't gotten over his last girlfriend (Luke Wilson).  His friend (Rainn Wilson) is the typical oversexed male character delivering sexist one-liners that are probably meant to be funny.  The oversexed male character convinces his friend to ask G-Girl (Uma Thurman) out, when they meet up with her alter-ego (wearing glasses and a wig to hide her true identity) on a subway.  Hasn't Gotten Over His Last Girlfriend gets G-Girl to fall for him when he goes after a thug that stole her purse. 

"No one's ever saved me before," G-Girl says (I'm paraphrasing), "You're my hero."  So the short-lived romance begins. 

It isn't far into the relationship before Hasn't Gotten Over His Last Girlfriend discovers that the superhero he's dating is the jealous type and she isn't going to sit idly by as he flirts with his co-worker, Hannah (Anna Faris, who I'm starting to think is incredibly hot, all of a sudden). 

When G-Girl becomes more and more controlling, Hasn't Gotten Over His Last Girlfriend And Suddenly Realizes He Likes A Different Girl More Than The Superhero He's Currently Dating, ends the relationship and finds out just what happens when you have to deal with a superhero scorned.  Imagine the most clingy ex you've ever had to deal with.  Now imagine her (or him) with superpowers.

When G-Girl goes ballistic is when the movie should send the audience into hysterics.  But it doesn't.  It never brings out more than the occasional chuckle from audience members.   Things that should be Pepsi-Out-The-Nose funny, don't illicit more than a smile.

G-Girl has an arch-nemesis in the film, played by Eddie Izzard (who's hilarious when performing his own material and bland when doing almost anything else).  While you do find out how he became a villain, you never see him doing anything "villain-y." 

The screenplay keeps pointing out that he won't leave G-Girl alone, but never tells you what it is he does that bothers her.  The most nefarious thing he does in the film is spy on G-Girl once with a mechanical bird.  The President of the United States of America has been spying on U.S. citizens for years -- does that make him evil?  Don't answer that. 

If the film were actually funny, a lot of these flaws would be forgivable.  But since you're never laughing, you start spending time thinking of the logic behind the plot, as you wait for the shark scene you already saw in the commercials.  100 monkeys painting words on a wall with a dildo could have taken this idea and turned it into something humorous. 

How could you go wrong with Supergirl PMS-ing?  Just imagining it makes me laugh.  But somehow the movie never did, until the very last joke.  It feels at least 45 minutes longer than its 95 minutes and it's not worth sitting through the entire film for the one good laugh at the end. 

My Super Ex-Girlfriend is about as far from "super" as a comedy can get.  Save your money. 

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