It's Coming . . .

I received more complaints last year when I didn't put up
my annual update on the Academy Awards than I have
in the entire four years that I've run this page.  So, 
I wanted to let you all know that on March 25th, 2001,
I will make up for it with the best Academy Awards update YET.
*Knock on wood*
I've seen the movies.  I've developed my opinions.  
I've even made a graphic (see above), to prove my commitment.

Prepare yourselves . . .

In the meantime, you may as well check out my first three annual reports
from the Academy Awards by clicking the links below (they're three of the most
loved updates on this page, even by people who don't give a shit about movies):

Why the 71st Annual Academy Awards Were Longer Than World War II, Itself

Why the 70th Annual Academy Awards Were a Great Sedative

Why the 69th Annual Academy Awards Sucked

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