The Case for Barack Obama; Hillary and the Smell of Mothballs
Written by: Alex Sandell
Fri Feb 01, 2008 at 03:52:55 AM CST

Hillary Clinton supporters must enjoy the smell of mothballs. Either that, or they're so enamored with the prosperous 90s (prosperous in large part due to an Internet stock bubble that Bill Clinton can hardly take credit for) that they can't see the forest through the trees. So enamored these supporters are that reality no longer matters to them and they've instead chosen to use nostalgia, delusions and illusions as a crutch come February 5th, 2008 (Super Tuesday).

One of the main reasons our economy is currently in the dumps is because President Bill Clinton succeeded where his Republican predecessors failed -- in passing NAFTA and, ultimately, WTO. Back in '91 and '92 third-party candidate Ross Perot warned us that the "large sucking sound" we'd hear would be our jobs leaving the country if George H.W. Bush were re-elected OR if Bill Clinton were elected. He was right. And he even did it without jokingly referring to that "large sucking sound" as coming from Monica Lewinsky. The sucking sound of lost jobs will continue if the Clinton dynasty is allowed to move forward and this is one of a number of reasons that Hillary is oh so wrong for this country. 

Want proof?

Look at her voting record in the Senate. As a United States Senator, Hillary Clinton has been a rubber stamp for George W. Bush (Pre-emptive War in Iraq, 2001 Bankruptcy Bill, designating the Iranian National Guard as a Terrorist Organization) in much the same way her husband played rubber-stamp to Newt Gingrich and his conservative cronies ("Free" Trade, Contract "for" America, Welfare "Reform"). Senator Barack Obama pushes us forward without forgetting the past and he's not playing as anyone's stamp -- rubber or otherwise.

Senator Obama belongs as much to the future as he does to the PRE-Clinton Democratic party. The great party that left so many feeling proud and helped so many more achieve their dreams. The party of JFK and FDR. This should not be forgotten and the politics of hope truly need to replace the politics of cynicism and fear that have ruled over the U.S. for decades.

I am not overly excited about how Barack's voted in the U.S. Senate, but am very enthused with the way he's inspiring a nation and a world. JFK's words have lived on much longer than the bulk of his voting record. They continue to inspire and will continue inspiring for decades to come. I think lifting the people of the world up and bringing out the best in them -- even if only through rhetoric -- is powerful and meaningful. It is what a leader must do and what a leader must do well.

With the corporate mainstream media blocking alternative voices at every turn, we're never going to have a President Kucinich or a President Wellstone, and I truthfully think Obama and his "poetry" is the next best thing. And I do think that, side-by-side, his ideas for the future of the U.S. and the world are a step beyond Hillary's "politics as usual." Just last night in the CNN debate, Barack talked substance and proved that there was a plan behind the smooth-talking man in the suit. This man has a vision, but he has also proven to citizens of the world that he has plenty of policy to back up his soaring oratory.

After 8 years of George W. Bush we need to heal as a nation. We need to heal as a world. I think Barack Obama is the one that can heal us and help us heal ourselves. Through both words, wisdom and substance.

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