Anybody But Hillary
Day 1 (of 300)

This is the first day of The Juicy Cerebellum's "Anybody But Hillary" campaign. She took the New Hampshire Primary yesterday because she "choked up" (some say she cried -- but her eyes remained entirely dry). How long are we going to let the Clintons manipulate us as Democrats? How long are we going to stand for this Bush/Clinton dynasty? Counting Vice President Bush, this has been going on now since 1980.

1980 - VP Bush

1984 - VP Bush

1988 - President Bush

1992 - President Clinton

1996 - President Clinton

2000 - President Bush

2004 - President Bush

You would have to be at least 33 years old to remember a day when there wasn't a Clinton or a Bush in the White House. If Hillary spends 2009 - 2017 residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. nobody under 42 or 43 will remember a day when either a Bush or a Clinton wasn't residing in the White House.

Folks, that isn't a democracy. It's a dynasty. It's a Monarchy. But it is not a Democracy.

The Bushes and the Clintons are two of the nastiest families to ever gain power in this great country of ours. And they will do anything they can to keep it. They'll lie, cheat, steal, manipulate, rig elections, make false promises or pretend to cry without shedding so much as a crocodile tear. Hillary didn't publicly lose her composure for one second when the Twin Towers went down on 9/11 in the state she represents as Senator. But falling behind in the elections? Oh, that just fucks her shit all up.

This lady is a con. Just like her husband. And most likely her daughter (coming to a White House near you in 2025!).

Bill Clinton did more damage to the Democratic Party than any Republican ever could. He made the party corporate. He got the party to pass NAFTA (which is why your job's in Mexico) and the WTO (which is why your child's sucking on a toy made with lead paint). He lost millions of Americans their jobs. He gutted what Reagan had left of the regulatory agencies that kept Americans safe from things like toys with lead paint. He did nothing good for this country. The economy would have boomed with or without him -- it was the Internet, stupid! When that bubble burst the illusion of Bill making us better off should have burst along with it, but the public is ill-informed.

George W. Bush was no better. But Hillary Clinton will be no better than George W. Bush. And if you believe anything else you deserve the Clinton you get.

Neither Bill or Hillary are Democrats. They run as Democrats, but in their heart of hearts they are Conservative Republicans. Jesus, people -- look at their voting records! It isn't too hard to figure out who they truly represent.

If I can help it through my writing I won't let another Clinton enter that White House. I won't let another Clinton further destroy the once great Democratic Party. Never again. Not on my watch.

From this day forth, I will update this site with the truth about the Clintons. From this day forth I will do my part to keep her from ever entering that White House again as anything but a tourist. If she becomes the Democratic candidate, I will find a third-party candidate to support and endorse. If no third-party candidates run, I will endorse the Republican candidate -- no matter how awful he is (and each of them running is abysmal). Why? Because the Conservative Republican can only destroy the country. Hillary, the Conservative "Democrat" can destroy the country and the party.

Hillary claimed that New Hampshire helped her "find her voice." Well, Hill, your victory in New Hampshire helped me find mine. And I plan on using it. Every. Single. Day.

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