[Intelligence to the richest pervert]

In the May '99 issue of Scientific American (pg. 22, "Supply and Demand"), they examine the market value of mate choice. The article used personal ads, and other such reliable information, to determine what potential mates want from each other. This extensive research revealed that men want youth, beauty and social skills, in that order. The women with youth, beauty and social skills want young, rich, good looking men. 

This article led some moron with too much time on his hands, and too many models, to decide to start marketing eggs yanked from beautiful women to the highest bidder through his bogus website which looks nothing like the one you are currently viewing.  You are charged a monthly fee to be given a right to "bid" on a model's eggs, which will run you between 10-150,000 dollars.  Not cheap, but worth it, if you are a complete fucking idiot.  

And idiocy is where I come in.  Being that models are generally considered to be "less than average" in the intelligence department, I am assuming that if they can get $150,000 for being part of the "baby making" process, some ugly fucker with a lot of smarts could bring in at least a million! 

We all claim that we fall in love with someone's "personality," rather than their physical appearance.   We all swear that we don't judge people on looks, and we'd all fall in love with the friggin' Hunchback of Notre Dame if the bastard was a decent person with lots of charisma.  It may be "ugly" charisma, but that's what we all say we're attracted to.  Not the great looking girl or guy with the average to bland personality.  We like the ugly to average folk with the great big brains. 

We wouldn't all be telling one huge, collective lie, would we?  I mean, if you pay attention, you'll notice that for every 300 good looking people, at least two of them are dating homely looking people with lots of wit.   This is a good sign, right?  298 people just happened to find the clever brainiac with a nice rack, too! The "nice rack," "nice ass," or, "big huge, throbbing cock" comes in second, right?  Of course!  We're looking for the nice brain.  That's why I'm going to get filthy stinking rich with my near genius egg donors.

How this works is simple:   you bid on the woman you want (I'll be adding men later, supposedly).  Each group of women have different minimum bids that work in accordance to looks.  The more unattractive the woman, the more she is going to cost you.  Currently, I have the eggs of 5 women.  Please click here to see descriptions and enter the auction!

1999 Alex Sandell [All Rights Reserved].  People who use copyrighted material without permission are obviously 700 pound Single White Bastards, and will be taken for all they're worth, in court.