Roger Ebert does it.  Other people not as fat as Roger Ebert do it.  Now, I figure it's time for me to not only "do it," but to give it the totally Juicy treatment!  Out of absolute lunacy, I have decided to give a mini-review to every film that I've ever seen!  Of course I can only remember about 1/10th of them, and I can only remember the plot of about 3 out of 10 of those, but that's irrelevant.  This will be a continual work in progress (and lots of video rentals), and there will be new movies added every day.  Right now there's already around 30 reviews in the "A" section and another 20 were just added to the "B" area.

After I've finished with the ones that came immediately to mind, either because they sucked so horribly, or were so amazingly good, I'll go through a list of every movie ever made and add the ones that I somehow overlooked.  In the meantime, you simply select a letter (A and B are the only ones available right now), over there to your left, click on it, and you have a veritable smorgasbord of movie reviews written in that way only The Juicy Cerebellum can write them (IE - if I hate something, I'm going to bash it so hard there will most likely be lawsuits and lots of broken teeth; if I love something, you'll be hard-pressed not to ask me if I want to marry it; and if I feel like going off-topic and talking about flying albino midgets, you can bet your ass that I'm gonna.). 

Movies have always been a big part of my life, and I felt like The Juicy Cerebellum has sort of been ignoring them, lately.  A lot of you have BEGGED (one woman offered sex, and another offered cash) for me to start doing reviews again.  Well, here they are, and there are a lot of them.  I expect that sex, and that cash.  If I don't get both of them by 3:00 PM, on April 27th, the plastic goldfish gets it. 

As a super gooey special bonus, I have added a place to email me after EACH review.  Half the fun of movies is discussing, arguing and sharing the passion of film. (Good GAWD did I ever sound like a Liberal Art Fag in that last sentence).  Feel free to email me, whether you agree, or disagree, with what I said.  If I haven't reviewed one of your favorites, send me a request, and I'll do my best to get it on here. 

Now, get clicking and start reading.  There are a lot of movies out there that are being reviewed, so what are you doing sitting here reading this poorly-written introduction?

-Alex Sandell

İİİ2001 Alex Sandell. Copy this, without my permission and, well, you'll find out why watching movies
isn't quite as fun when you're getting your genitalia chewed on for hours on end!

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