I don't think this movie even knows what it is trying to be, and because of that, it winds up coming across as nothing more than yet another convoluted ego-trip for Mr. Connery.  It starts out as a James Bond type thriller, full of interesting gadgets and lots of high-wire stunts, but quickly gets bogged down in a flaccid romance that seems about as genuine as Bob Dole in a Viagra commercial.

I'm not sure if it's the lines that she was given, or the way she performed them (a little of both, most likely), but Catherine Zeta-Jones is embarrassing as the sugar-coated Gin Baker, who seems to be doing nothing more than a bad Audrey Hepburn impression.  Sean Connery doesn't fair much better with his "lonely crook with a heart of gold" character, and appears to be drunk throughout most of the film, due to his slurred Scottish accent which stands out more with each passing year.  The two of them together are laughable as "romantic" leads.  Their chemistry is abysmal, and Sean Connery comes off more as an abusive father, rather than a sensual lover.

Although most of the movie consists of this idiotic affair to forget, there are a few fairly entertaining action sequences.  Sadly, they're spread thinly out over the two hours, and we're forced to watch the stuff in-between to get to them.  Connery and Jones simply don't have what it takes to sustain a romantic thriller.

I'd give it 4 Juicy squirts out of a possible 10

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