I don't smoke pot, but watching this movie makes me feel as though I do.  I remember my dad's friend Chad went to it high on weed and thought it was the best thing since sex with a Chinese virgin with big tits and 17 vaginas.  It's a movie that was way ahead of its time.  So far ahead, in fact, that nothing has ever caught up with it.  I was particularly impressed with the fact that you didn't hear ANYTHING when the people were stranded out in space.  In most movies there are big explosions, and a bunch of other earthbound audio crap.  Even in Alien, where it claimed, "in space, nobody can hear you scream," you could hear people screaming.  Only Kubrick had the balls to do sci-fi as it should have been done.  2001 is an odyssey well worth going on, as long as you don't have a short attention-span.  My dad's friend says it's a lot better after toking up.  I'm guessing he was just too high to understand the plot.  Stupid high people not understanding anything.  D'oh!

I'd give it 9 Juicy squirts out of a possible 10

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