Holy-fucking-sellout, Batman!  First off, you don't have a woman direct the screen adaptation of the most sexist book to emerge in ages.  Sure the book was a parody on sexism, and 80's corporate greed in general, but no woman, outside of maybe a lesbian with a fetish for Hogs and leather, is gonna portray it right on film.  The movie is still fairly entertaining, but it isn't anything like the book, which was essentially a raunch-fest for the masses.  Having Mary Harron direct American Psycho is like having Walt Disney direct The Texas Chainsaw Massacre; it just doesn't work.  As a stand-alone movie, this film isn't bad, but as a movie trying to stand up to one hell of a book, this film doesn't go anywhere (outside of the radical chainsaw scene that made me all gooey inside).

I'd give it 6 Juicy squirts out of a possible 10

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