Once in a great while, a movie comes along that seems to leap off of the film, and into our once stable world, creating a bizarre new reality:  Being John Malkovich is one such film.  A puppeteer, currently working as a filer, finds the portal to Mr. Malkovich's brain, and all sorts of weird hijinks ensue.  If Dr. Seuss's imagination had a head-on collision with that of Kurt Vonnegut's, you might have something like Being John Malkovich.  Without flinching, the movie shows us how perverse, self-centered and amoral we all are, and it has us laughing our asses off the entire time.  Now that's a rare accomplishment in a film so entirely rare that I don't think we'll ever see any like it again.

I'd give it 10 Juicy squirts out of a possible 10

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