Ever find something so idiotic you couldn't help but enjoy it?  That's Charlie's Angels.  Three sexy women, one stupid plot, and Bill Murray - - where could you go wrong?  Okay, don't answer that. 

Cameron Diaz looked so damn hot in that tight little white outfit she had to wear to sneak into some high security building (as if I paid attention to the "plot"), ala Mission Impossible 1, that I nearly wet myself, and it wasn't pee that was about to shoot out of my throbbing love-pecker.   Lucy Liu, playing a sadistic business-woman, had me drooling, and made most single, or about to be single, men in the audience groan.  Drew Barrymore, the "brains" (if you can call them that) behind the film sounded so innocent and sweet when she said, "now that's kicking your ass," or whatever she said, I really felt like I was watching a turbo-charged Gertie, from E.T..  Yes, that last little fantasy left me feeling a bit like a pedophile, but I figure any movie that can make you feel like that, without immense guilt and a trip to the confessional, has to be at least worth a viewing.  Right?  Did I say too much?  Oh, great - now you're abandoning me.  D'oh!

I'd give it 7 Juicy squirts out of a possible 10

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