Suddenly every Catholic in the world (or at least in one town, which is sort of like the world, if you're a midget) is won over by Chocolat, Lent be damned.  Johnny Depp flies through, but sort of reads his performance off of a teleprompter, as if he felt obligated to Lasse Hallstrom, who directed him in the far superior What's Eating Gilbert Grape.  I don't care much either way about the message the Weinstein brothers, along with Hallstrom, try to pass off in their mediocre movies.  Is it really a big deal if they're "anti"-Catholic?  I was raised Catholic, and, for better or worse, I'm anti-Catholic (although the self-righteous Lutherans suck even worse).  I also think the Jewish religion is a crock of fucking shit, too, but that's just me.  What does bother me is how the Weinstein brothers get movies that do NOT deserve to be nominated for best picture (Cider House Rules, Shakespeare in Love) nominated by giving the Academy really good drugs and lots of oral-sex, or whatever it is that they offer.  Either way, like Cider House Rules before it, Chocolat is a good movie, it just isn't good enough to win any damn awards.  I'm glad that it didn't. 

I'd give it 7 Juicy squirts out of a possible 10

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