Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is like watching a magic show with a plot.  The story is compelling, the special effects and stunts are amazing, and the cinematography is unparalled, no matter what this one guy that emailed me claiming Saving Private Ryan's cinematography was just as good, has to say.  This is the first movie since Star Wars, back in 1977, that had my jaw on the floor (which kind of sucked, being that my jaw isn't accustomed to stretching that far, unless I'm blowing some rich guy for drug money), unable to believe what I was seeing.  This movie isn't just a film, it's an event.  It's something everyone should see on the big screen.  My only complaint was that too many stories that characters referred to in their past were never fleshed out.  Now that a prequel has been announced, even that complaint has been diminished.  Trust me, kids, this one lives up to the hype!

I'd give it 10 Juicy squirts out of a possible 10

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