A lot of people think of this as a horror classic.  I think of it as an average follow-up to an EXCELLENT debut (Night of the Living Dead).  The satirical moments border on genius, and placing most of the film in a mall, where the zombies don't even look that out of place, slowly walking around, window shopping, was brilliant.  The only thing I hated was the inane, overly-long romance that fills the entire middle of the film.  Also, those biker guys are pretty annoying, no matter how fun it is to watch their bodies being ripped apart by starving zombies.  Now that I've gotten myself into "complain" mode, I feel the need to point out how god-awful the soundtrack is.  The soundtrack is god-awful.  There, I pointed it out.

I'd give it 6 Juicy squirts out of a possible 10

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