In this, George Romero's third and final chapter of the "Living Dead" series, the dead have taken over the earth.  The surviving humans are locked up in underground bunkers.  Everyone has a bad attitude.  A mad Scientist is training a Zombie ("Bub") to enjoy music, and obey commands.  Sort of like a cute decomposing dog that used to be a human.  This is a fun film, if you get off on lots of gore and intense horror.  Some people didn't like it, but they are dumber than a Bush.

Sidenote:  I was allowed into this film, which was not even rated, due to its graphic violence and strong language, when I was only 13.  My brother was also allowed in, and he was only 9.  No one under 18 was to be allowed into this movie, even if they WERE accompanied by a parent (which neither my brother nor I were).  This was at the theater owned by the guy who freaked out over my use of the word "fuck" in an email to his theater, and slapped a two-year restraining order on my ass.  (Read about it here.)  Maybe if it wasn't for irresponsible theater owners letting kids into 18+ movies, I wouldn't have had such a foul mouth to begin with.  Just a thought.

I'd give it 8 Juicy squirts out of a possible 10

I'd give the owner of the local theater 1 Juicy squirt out of a possible 10

I'd give the judge who granted the restraining order 1 Juicy squirt out of a possible 10.

I'd give the word "fuck" 10 Juicy squirts out of a possible 10, because it's so versatile and fun.

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