Tom Cruise plays a macho race car driver.  His girlfriend tells him he's taking it too far, and he's going to end up dead.  Tom Cruise says, "hey, Dale Earnhardt's done this for years, and he's fine."  His girlfriend says, "well, if Dale can do it, I guess it's okay," and Tom Cruise immediately drives into a wall and dies.  The Florida tabloids want to print autopsy photos, but Florida, usually the state to be in if you want to violate a celebrities' privacy, says "no" to the idea, and the case is closed.  Sort of a downer of an ending.

Actually, I pretty much made most of that stuff up.  I'm sure you had no idea.  The movie is Top Gun with race cars.  It sucks.  If you like movies that suck, I suggest you rent it.

I'd give it 2 Juicy squirts out of a possible 10

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