A bunch of military brats play one of the nastiest games I've ever seen, by trying to pick up the "ugliest" date of the night, in an attempt to win money.  Eddie Birdlace (River Phoenix) picks Rose (Lili Taylor) as the grossest girl he can grab.  Rose considers the date real, and only catches on to the "game" when another girl, front teeth removed, lets her in on the gamble.  Birdlace and Rose end up falling in love, but, will Birdlace's pride end up leaving him lonely, in the end?  Will he give up the love of his life to save face with his friends?  Does personality really mean more than looks, and can love conquer all?  This movie is a tragedy, a romance and a comedy, all rolled up into one.  Phoenix, who was the best actor Generation-X ever had, met his match with Taylor, who could hold her own against him.  If you haven't seen this gem of a film, go out and rent it now.  It will break your heart, and it will do it without manipulating your soul.

I'd give it 10 Juicy squirts out of a possible 10

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