Ah, the old days, back when every "independent" studio wasn't bought up by the corporate behemoths that now control our culture, and a bunch of friends gathered up some money, rented some equipment, got together and made some damn fine little horror films on a shoestring budget.  Like most of the films I've just described, the acting in Evil Dead is sub par, but the scares are far more frightening, and the gore is far more in-your-face than anything you'll see come out of a mainstream studio in the year 2001.  This film looks dated, and comes across about as low-budget as it is, but if you sit in your living room, all by yourself, lights off, with no one around, and crank this fucker up to ten, you'll end up getting the shit scared out of you . . . I guarantee it.

I'd give it 9 Juicy squirts out of a possible 10

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