Writer/Director, Alexander Payne has written a screenplay that is acutely aware of the way high school politics work.  He has directed a movie that is gleefully evil, painfully hilarious and fabulously tragic.  Nothing is held back, and the actors (particularly Reese Witherspoon, who, at 23 years old, plays the part of an overly determined teenager more convincingly than anyone who has ever gone before her) bring his cutting social satire to life with a perverted sense of joy.

This film is so perfect at accomplishing exactly what it set out to do (which is basically to have you laughing your ass off in fits of recognition), that it's hard to believe it came out of MTV Productions (the same idiots behind the vile "Varsity Blues").  It's actually fairly hard to believe it came out of Hollywood's studio system, at all.   The razor sharp humor and scathing attitude that ooze off of the screen seem more like something that should have been born from an independent and revealed to the world at Cannes.  Yet, it came from MTV and Paramount, and be grateful while you still can that corporate America is still able to do something right.

I'd give it 10 Juicy squirts out of a possible 10

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