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Letters to the Webmaster:
The "be more like this" edition

Dear Webmaster-
I thought "I Used To" was one of the best updates on your page.  I just hope that all your updates aren't going to start being depressing now because I like the funny stuff better even though I like "I Used To" better.  
-Julie Chesser

Julie:  You're an idiot.

Dear Webmaster-
Thanks for the "I used to" poem.  It was the best thing on The Juicy Cerebellum.  I like it when you do the serious articles because they are more heartfelt and sometimes your comedic material seems forced. 
-Mark Sender

Dear Webmaster-
Your page sucks now.  I've watched it slowly turn into shit.  I've given up on giving you any more chances to make it like it used to be when I started reading it.
-Irby Villalobos

Irby:  Your name is fucking stupid.  Ironic.

Dear Webmaster-
I noticed you put your "Wanna-be heroes" article in the "Corporate Bashing" section of the table of brains.   I think it was cool to finally see something new in the corp. bashing section but we need MORE.  MORE MORE MORE!  Tear those corporations in two!!!  I thought when you wrote that sappy love update about the girl from California that you had finally lost it.  The heroes update proves you haven't lost anything and you've still got your edge, now keep using it!

X:  I'd like to, but I'm too busy picking flowers for my honey and whispering sweet nothings about my undying love for Wal-Mart and McDonald's into her ear. 

Dear Webmaster-
You never update your poetry section anymore.  I think you're a genius poet who writes the best poems I've ever read.  I miss reading your poems.   Do you still write them?  If you do, could you put some up?
-Joanne Denny

Joanne:  I dunno, it might upset X. 

Dear Webmaster-
Your page is better than ever!!!!!!!!  I loved the "All I Ever Really Wanted to Know About Sex I Learned in Kindergarten" update and your movie reviews are the best that there is (better than Ebert even)!!!!!!!!!!!!  Now that I've buttered you up I need to ask whatever happened to the More On Movies daily update?  That was hilarious and great for people who love movies.  Are you bringing it back?

Dear Webmaster-
Make fun of Texas more, like you used to.
-Steve Harris

Dear Webmaster-
What happened to to the Horoscopes?

Dear Webmaster-
What a fucking rip!  I read all of "Dead Dogs Don't Roll Over" and just when I'm getting crazy to see how it ends you never continue it.  Finish "Dead Dogs" or I'll stop recommending your page to friends!
-Debbie Kraus

Dear Webmaster-
I love your letters to the webmaster stuff and noticed you haven't done one since March.   It's funny as shit how mean you are to some of the people who write in and to see what a smart ass you can be.  Is another one coming?

Shelly:  Not a fucking chance. 

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