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Letters to the Webmaster:
Juicy on Joey

Dear Webmaster,
Thanks for writing such a beautiful tribute to the man we 
all know and love, Joey Ramone
.  When Joey left us so did his rose colored glasses.  
I'll never see the world the same way again.  We'll miss you Joey Ramone!

Dear Webmaster,
When the Ramones released their first record it was the second most important
day in rock and roll history.  The first was the day Joey Ramone passed away.
I'm sorry I can't be as optimistic as you about all this.  When Joey died he took
punk with him.  We can carry the torch but it will fizzle out and fade away when
more sell-out shit bands like Blink 182 and Rancid keep pissing on it.

Dear Webmaster,
You wrote a good update about the Ramones. I don't have any of their records
but of course I know them. At almost every punk show I go to a Ramones'-cover
is played. Two days before Joey's death I saw GBH and they also played a
cover. That means that what you say in your article is very much the truth
and that indeed they will never disappear

Dear Webmaster,
The death of Joey Ramone is such a tragedy.  But I agree with you
that the Ramones started it all.  They were great, and without them the punk
scene would not be as it is today.  Punk Rock forever!!!

Dear Webmaster,
I was too young to experience the true punk wave first hand but looking back
on it, since I discovered it for myself, it is easy to see the impact Joey has made
on music.  For now, we're stuck in this nu-metal, pussy punk bullshit that people
are trying to pass off as rebellious.  It's nice to think that right now ol' Joey is
being reincarnated as the next rocker that is going to grab the business by its 
balls and drag it around wherever the fuck he wants to take it.  Here's to the 
Ramones and to the thought that true punk can never die.  

Dear Webmaster,
I'm sorry about our loss.  It IS our loss.  Joey and his Ramones changed rock
music and it was all for the better.  Joey dying before he could change it back
from the corporate rock crap we have now is all for the worse.  I swear I could
feel the earth sobbing and felt humanity crumble.  Punk is dead.

Dear Webmaster,
Yours was the only mention of Mr. Ramone's death that I read which felt
like it meant anything. It's nice that someone I read actually cared enough 
to say more than a cutsie-sad-face.

Dear Webmaster,
I don't have much to say, but I really enjoyed your update about Joey
Ramone. Good musicians never die, they just go to Heaven to get ready for
their comeback tour.

Dear Webmaster,
I agree that every great band I enjoy now has been inspired by the Ramones.
They smashed disco into the gutter with the sole of a Converse All-Star and
chased the languid moaning Goths back into their bat cave. I just wanted to
thank you for this article and for your entire website.

Dear Webmaster,
Gabba Gabba Hey!

I saw Joey and the Bros for the first time in 78.  One hell of a live show.  3 chords, 4
guys and one hell of a front man!  All you say is true!  Thanks for remembering my

Dear Webmaster,
My sentiments exactly.  All the "rock" bands I like (or end up hating for selling
out) would not be here without the Ramones.  Not even that bands that say they
never influenced them, since they were influenced by bands that were influenced
by the Ramones.

Fuck chart toppers.
The Ramones rock.
That is the only thing that is.

Dear Webmaster,
That was an awesome article u posted on Joey Ramone.  I'm sure u hit a spot in 
every readers heart like u have a tendency 2 do. 

Dear Webmaster,
I first got into the Ramones about a year ago (I'm 15
now), and discovered they were much, MUCH better than most of the
watered-down crap that's out today, passing itself off as good music.

One can only hope that the spark they put back into rock stays around for a
long, long time.
-Sugar Pixie

Dear Webmaster,
Your tribute to Joey Ramone was great. I heard this morning that he
died and nobody empathized with me, so it was nice to come online and
see someone else as acknowledging of his death as I. I wasn't around
when the Ramones were at their peak, but I have still listened to them
religiously for the last couple of years.

Dear Webmaster,
I just wanted to thank you for the tribute. Well written, and Joey will
definitely be missed.

Dear Webmaster,
I may be 16, but don't think I'm a teenie bopper or a false agro-rock 
Limp Bizkitz rules meathead.  I can't stand the popular scene today, 
the only saving grace is that Moby is starting to become popular.  But 
that won't really save the masses from becoming materialistic bitches, 
now will it?  Anyways, about the update.  I know a thing or two about 
music from past decades (why couldn't I have lived in the 60's and 
70's?), but I don't know a lot about the Ramones.  By a lot
I mean their history, etc.  I have a lot of respect for the group, they've
definitely changed the way I'm listening to music right now.  I read your
update today, and though I don't have a story I can tell like yours, I know
completely what you are talking about, word for word.  So I just want to say
sorry for your loss.  Later.
-Random Person

Dear Webmaster,
April 15th, 2001:  The day the music really died.

Joey Ramone

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