Version 2.0
Written by: Alex Sandell

"Succeed at all costs, failure won't be tolerated." Generation ass-kisser, an entire generation on the honor roll. It's grades, not creativity. Math finals, not originality. Colleges should now have drive-thru windows. Choose your future, set your sights, become one of "them." It's the adolescent dream for the next century, and for a limited time, it comes with a burger and fries!

Teen-"rebellion" is only on the television, it doesn't lead to the desired salary of the robotic generation. The computerized, homogenized, six-figured cyber-world where romance is a telephone wire and community is a chain-letter.

Generation ass-kisser, where being a "success" comes before "success" even matters. It's not about saving the world, it's about acing Computer Science. It's not about doing good, but looking good, "won't mom and dad be so proud?"

Generation ass-kisser, zombies with good grades. Generation ass-kisser, getting crushed by all their trophies. Generation ass-kisser . . . watch them drown in pools of cash and ribbons.

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(Copyright) 1999 Alex Sandell [All Rights Reserved]. If you copy this, without my permission, make sure to hide it from your mom and dad. It might be deemed "controversial". Also, I better warn you that I won't kiss your ass, as you steal from me . . . I'll bite it off, shove a dildo in it, and send it home, just to let your uppity parents know what you've been up to, pervert.

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