There are lots of horrible sites on the net and, you may be asking yourself, "how can I find them all?" Well, I want to help. Most sites have links to their FAVORITE sites but, I haven't come across any that have links to their most HATED sites so, in the pursuit of fairness and, "equal rights for sites®", here is the "Links to the most HORRIBLE sites on the web" page of the Juicy Cerebellum.

I am NOT about to criticize the style of a page (ah-hem, look at mine), that would be kind of like making fun of the kid with the big nose, in seventh grade, BUT, I will feel free to criticize the CONTENT. THAT would be like making fun of the ass-kisser that raises her hand too much in eigth grade and . . . that's okay. In other words, these pages might be IMMACULATELY designed but, they fall apart in the integrity department. They're boring, conservative or, just plain stupid. Then again, a smart conservative IS an oxymoron so, I guess that point was redundant.

Anyway, without further adieu, here is some of the worst sites on the 'net. Feel free to visit them and LAUGH.

Horrible Site Number 1-The Blockbuster Video Homepage Ahh ... Blockbuster Video, keeping America safe for the little people. Blockbuster Video, where an NC-17 rated movie is off-limits, but any God-fearing fifteen-year-old can rent the newest installment in the unrated, straight-to-video, "Chainsaw Wielding Horny Hookers From Hell" series. Cockthruster Video . . . Watch out mom and pop, they're coming soon to a city near you, and when they do, they'll make sure to drive you out of business by stocking everything you have, times ten. All to make sure that Blockbuster really is "the only name in video!"

Hey, did I accidentally type "Cockthruster" in the last paragraph? Of course you all know I meant "Blockbuster." You've gotta realize that the, ah, um, backspace and delete key, not to mention my spellchecker, were all temporarily broken, right? I wouldn't dare tarnish the name of such a fine establishment, would I?

Horrible Site Number 2-The Unofficial Rush Limbaugh Home Page It would be a sin to start with anything else. How could ANYONE put up a TRIBUTE to this dork??? He's bigoted, sexist and . . . CLOSE MINDED! He's Rush Limbaugh, hear him roar. (That is, if you can, he's losing his popularity so quickly that, syndicated stations, airing Rush, are dropping him faster than you can say "moron.") Go to this site and just ask . . . "why?"

Horrible Site Number 3-Republican Party of Florida Online Not only is it the GOP but, it's the GOP from Florida. AAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!! The Elephant Graveyard of conservative America. Ex-lax, Matlock and palm trees. This site is NOT for the weak of stomach. Contains the HILARIOUS (but slightly disturbing) "I am a REPUBLICAN because" section. "I am a Republican because . . . I'm a dork." There, much more honest and, to the point. Then again, whoever knew a Republican to be "honest?"

Horrible Site Number 4-Okay, I'll leave the conservatives alone for a moment and focus my attention on the fake, sugar coated, mohawk-gloating, image-stealing, Clash-copping "punk" band, Rancid. The Rancid page is basically a brief moment of realization in one man's life where he decides to worship a bunch of products, designed as human-beings. It's catch phrase is "Pure punk for now people." What's a "now" person and, if there really are "now" people, where did all the "then" folks go? Since I'm alive at this moment, does that mean it's "now" hence, making me a "now" person or, do you have to be aware you're a "now" person or else be resorted down to the level of a "then?" Is "pure" punk Christian? Or, is it just sponsored by "Ivory" soap? Rancid . . . "coming soon, to a lunch-box near you."

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Jeez, even YOUR site is better than this junk, send me back to the Table of Brains, please.

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