Written by:  Alex Sandell
May 17th, 2001

For some of us it doesn’t get any better.

The sun turns into a glare,
the cards you’ve been handed are so far from fair.  
Better to hide your eyes,
than face the truth;
losers survive past senior year,
and you’re living proof.

Hide your eyes from the times when you ran through the halls,
in your old junior high,
with “forever” friends that never asked “why”
when you told them that you would change the earth,
and this planet was blessed with your wonderful birth.
skipping phy-ed, avoiding the bullies, it would never end,
when you grew up, you’d do it again.
You'd be the one to prove that the loser could win.
But "again" is long past, and you haven’t won anything;
the winners are still miles above,
and abuse is still “teasing,” and teasing you is still fun.

You won't find a Jesus Christ to turn to,
or that "special someone" made for you.
You won't find a club to become a member of,
and no answers will be sent from the Lord up above.
You can wait all you want, but she won't call you back, 
when the phone rings it's only your mom calling to remind you that you're getting fat.
You won't go anywhere, you won't crawl out of here,
you can drown yourself, but never get fully lost in a case of beer.
You won't get a second chance,
the good times will never come.
You'll never feel the confidence that you did
when you were young.
You'll never feel anything but emptiness and pain,
you'll never become anything, 
unless it's insane. 
Pull out a gun, put on a white sweater and color it red, 
it doesn't get any better, and you'd be better off dead.

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