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Big Brother Dubya

It appears that Bush and Big Brother USA have kept records of every call you've made over the past 4 or 5 years. This has created the 'largest database ever assembled in the world' for Big Brother Dubya's viewing pleasure. Bush & Co. paid for those phone records -- with taxpayer dollars. In other words, you paid to be spied on. 

This is all to "fight the war on terra," said Dubya. What is terra, exactly?  And are hundreds of millions of Americans really "terra-rists?"  Because Dubya said -- when the New York Times busted his sorry ass in December for wire-tapping folks without going through the FISA court -- that he was only eavesdropping on "International" calls.

Did this drunken cowboy from Texas fib?  He was the soak who claimed he would restore dignity to the White House.  Did he misspeak?  Did he mean to say he was restoring a dictatorship?  That would make no sense, being that there hadn't been a dictatorship in the White House prior to Dubya.  Maybe he was mixing up America with the Nazi Germany his granddaddy was so proud to do business with.

This fucking idiot doesn't know if he's coming or going, but he knows if you are.  Bush and his buddies at the NSA have such a hard-on for spying, they could drill a hole in the wall of Barbara Bush's bathroom with their dicks, to make sure she was regular. 

Watching Mr. "Fair and Balanced" O'Reilly spin the piss out of this one in his "No Spin Zone" teetered between tear-jerking and laugh-inducing.  The guy wants Big Government out of our lives, but doesn't care that they're monitoring our phone calls?  What a moron/hypocrite/falafel aficionado. 

Every single asshole at Fox News should just strap on a swastika and be done with it.  And the viewers who actually believe the puke they vomit should simply kill themselves.  It'd raise the collective IQ. 

But I'm getting off-topic, here.  We were talking about Bush knowing everyone we were talking to, weren't we?  Maybe I should dial the NSA and ask -- I'm sure they were listening. 

Big reverse shout out to Verizon, AT&T and BellSouth for selling their customers down the river.  Now we know who to avoid next time we're asked to sign a "long-term" contract.  IF 300 MILLION AMERICANS SCREAMED LOUDLY ENOUGH BY BOYCOTTING THESE BASTARDS, WOULD THEY BE HEARD?  Hey, bitches -- can you hear US now?!?

It seems every week a new bunch of bullshit comes out of the Bush Administration's crusty butt.  George's approval rating is down to 29%, which only goes to show that 29% of the people in the United States are fucking retards.  Trading freedoms for security is very rarely never a good idea.  But voting Bush into office because you were scared of gays getting married wasn't so bright, either. 

Paying to be spied on.  Only in Communist China the U.S.S.R. USA!

How can this be stopped?  What's the most patriotic thing an American could do for their country?  Here it is.

Now do it!

Oh, while you're at it, send a few bucks these guy's way.  It'd really ruffle O'Reilly's feathers.  And they are looking out for you.


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