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The events that occurred on Tuesday are a collective nightmare.  I fall into a restless sleep on my chair, watching television, and wake up thirty minutes later, thinking that it was all a bad dream.  I rub my eyes, let them adjust to the blue light of the television screen, and I see, for the hundredth time, a jet plane crashing into one of the World Trade Center buildings.  I watch espresso drenched talking heads discussing the reasons why America will never be the same country I was born and raised in, and then I doze off for thirty minutes, only to wake up and repeat the cycle.  

My friend, Shawn, called me last night, and the first thing he asked me was, "are you tired?"  I answered with a solemn, "yes," but I was a bit caught off guard, since he had never asked me this question before, even though I have been suffering from chronic insomnia since Brady got sick.  I asked how he knew, and what caused him to ask the question.  "All the stuff that happened Tuesday," he answered, "I know that you haven't went to bed since then and that you've watched a million hours of news."  

At least my friends have my ideological patterns of idiosyncrasies down.  

Only, this time, I realized, it's different.  I'm not the only one staying up all night.  I'm not the only one waking short of breath, with a thin sheet of sweat covering my body, feeling helpless, like the world is coming to an end; all of America, and a large part of the human population across the globe, are going through the same dreaded lurid consciousness that I am.  A collective nightmare.

Unfortunately, when people are tossing and turning in a nightmare as lurid as this, a significant portion of them don't know when it's time to WAKE UP!  

The majority of Americans are "deliberate idiots" (knowledgeable people too apathetic to self-educate), and the majority of idiots are American (every time a person from another country writes me a letter regarding a political issue, they end up knowing more about American politics than the majority of those who send me mail from the U.S.).  Prior to this update, I have scorned people I've met, even people I've met through this page, for not knowing who their Governor is, who their Senators are, who their PRESIDENT is (as hard as it is to believe, some people actually don't know).  America, on a whole, has let itself grow comfortably lethargic.

If the majority of Americans are lazy idiots, who do you think they're voting in?  The great manipulator of idiots.  Hey, kids . . . someone who actually pays attention to the country we live in just took advantage of you!  It isn't very hard to twist a moron's mind around to your way of thinking.  A few words of rhetoric here, and a few reactionary statements there, and you've just won an election.  If you can't get the idiots, it's no big deal, being that most of them don't vote for either party, and BIG BUSINESS gladly walks in and takes their place in the voting booths, electing officials that don't look out for AMERICA'S best interests, but CORPORATE AMERICA'S best interest (profit . . . at all costs).  

Financially, BIG BUSINESS has a big stake in the officials they choose to elect.  A Bush will let them pollute (saves them money), a Nader will add more regulations against pollution (costs them money).  For some reason, one which I cannot understand, the common American, from lower-class to middle-class, the MAJORITY of this country (if you think being "upper" middle-class saves you, you're dumber than shit, and twice as ugly), all obsessed with the season-premiere of Friends, and which person fathered the other friend's baby, don't think they have a vested interest in which elected official represents them.  For some reason, their child's health, their parent's health, their friend's health, their society's health, or even their OWN health, doesn't make a damn difference to these self-deceptive twats of society (as long as Chandler is the dad).  They just like that Bush fellow, because he is for prayer in school, and isn't an "immoral" bastard like that Clinton, who got his dick sucked in the Oval *GASP* Office!  Forget Bush allegedly snorted coke, and is proven to have driven drunk, risking who knows how many innocent people's lives. FORGET IT!  The average American is going to vote for RHETORIC, not the truth.  

And so the world's collective nightmare begins . . .  


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