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thing with this update, and consider what you are about to read as a rough draft.  Thank you.

How does an apathetic America contribute to terrorism?  The answer is obvious:  the politicians that we elected represent the United States of America.  Their decisions affect each of us.  Becoming "deliberate idiots," caused us to make a long series of mistakes in the people we chose to elect.  It allowed big business to take over politics, and big business is hell-bent on oil, and other goodies that come from the bin Laden/Saddam Hussein (another monster we helped create) part of the world.  If we would take the time out of our lives to learn EVERYTHING that there is to know about a politician we are about to elect, we may find that he/she isn't who they're saying they are.  If we take the time out of our lives to learn EVERYTHING that there is to know about a politician we are about to elect, we may begin choosing our representatives based on their reality, rather than their rhetoric.  Sadly, at an ever increasing rate, we have either A.) not voted or B.) voted for someone based on a sound byte.  Those sound bytes led us astray, and have caused us to elect, and reelect, some VERY bad politicians over the past 30 some years, including Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and, to a lesser extent, Jimmy Carter (I personally believe Carter was the last semi-decent man we put in the Oval Office).  

This long list of poor choices have made our choices for us, and the choices they have made, for the most part, have been *SURPRISE* poor.  A lot of these choices, if Osama bin Laden is indeed to blame for the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center buildings and the Pentagon, led to the national nightmare we are now in.  

Starting in the early 1980’s (or possibly the late 70's), US gave arms to the Afghan mujahedeen, along with training them in guerilla warfare, and financing their war (to the tune of 20 or 30 billion dollars), to get the Soviets out of Afghanistan.  This was the first in a long line of mistakes leading up to Tuesday's "attack on America", as NBC news so conveniently calls it.  After the Soviets were expelled, U.S. politicians (U.S. citizens were too busy trying to figure out who shot J.R.) cheered over their victory, and then sort of forgot all about Afghanistan, and the Afghan mujahedeen.  Then, in 1991, the Soviet Union crumbled, and the guerilla leaders we trained began positioning themselves in a way that would insure that they couldn't be ignored (outside of by U.S. citizens who were too busy waiting for the latest wisecrack on Roseanne). 

In early 1992, as Americans were glued to their TV sets, wondering whether or not Roseanne would undergo surgery for her back problems, the Taliban Islamic movement, part of the mujahedeen movement, which our elected officials had financed, trained, and given weapons to, reared its ugly head in a big way, when it seized power in Kabul.  Before long, the Taliban was the dominant force in Afghanistan.  Today, at least 90 percent of the country is held tight in the grasp of the Taliban's slimy hands, thanks largely in part to the U.S.A..  

Okay, so now we know what our apathy, and our politicians' zealousness, helped create, but how much do we know about what we've created?  I could write 50 updates on this, and still have only begun to explain, so I'll just make this brief:  not only do those cuties in the Taliban deprive females of getting a job, or an education, not only have they reopened guerrilla training camps, camps originally established by our very own CIA, but they are also harboring the bearded billionaire brat with a name that sounds like a trendy new dance step, Osama bin Laden. 

Bin Laden doesn't like us very much.  American soldiers positioned in Saudi Arabia really ticked him off.  There wasn’t really any reason we were there.  We had been there for a reason, in the early nineties, but our mission was accomplished, and now we were just a threat to his “God” and his oil.  Osama (it’s just a jump to the left) bin (and a step to the right) Laden (put your hands on your hips) was getting his beard in a bunch over the hypocrisy of America occupying Saudi soil, just like the Soviet soldiers, not so many years before, occupied Afghanistan. Wasn’t it the United States that was so against this?  Aren’t they now doing, at least in bin Laden’s eyes, the same thing? In response, bin Laden, and his cronies, built a nice little constituency, known as “Afghanis”, all ready to stomp out American imperialism using the guerilla skills our CIA had given them in our desire to stomp out Soviet imperialism. 

With billions of dollars, and a lot of power behind him, Laden went ballistic and killed countless Americans, throughout the last decade of the 20th century. Still, the majority of U.S. citizens, all cozying up in the affluent lap of luxury, didn't bother to even notice.   As America was busy discussing who their favorite "Survivor" was, bin Laden, much more likely than not, was setting up a situation in which America would find it hard to survive.  As the 24 hour news channels spent 24 hours a day talking about Gary Condit's sex life, men were recruited, and bin Laden was ready to finally make us take notice.  He succeeded.  

Now the news finally plays news.  Now Americans are finally up in arms.  Now we ask, "how could this have happened?"  And now we know how the U.S. helped to make a monster.  No wonder you rarely heard a politician go on TV and let us know that there was something more important out there than O.J. Simpson, Bill Clinton's sex life, or Gary Condit's affairs.  How many more monsters would they create, as we worked ourselves into a lather over whether or not the President inhaled?  How long would they have let the majority of us go unaware?  I'd say . . .


Either that or until something like Tuesday's incident happened.  Now that we've realized what we've done, what are we going to do about it?  Inevitably, we'll step into a war we can't win.  Keep in mind that we are still dealing with the same manipulators of morons that we voted in before this horrible tragedy, and that they'll most likely keep making the same bad decisions that they have for decades (there were secular groups, groups that wouldn't come back and bite us on the ass, that the Government could have used to rid Afghanistan of the Soviets, but the officials WE elected chose to use religious fanatics instead . . . go figure).  

War is NOT the answer.  I don't want to see more senseless violence and death.  I don't want to see my brother drafted into a war that he didn't start.  I don't want to watch America crumble to the point where it can't be rebuilt.  There is a better way . . .

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