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Unlike most of the media, fixated on traumatizing us all with repeated images of people jumping out of skyscrapers, and the World Trade Center getting hit by jet planes, I refuse to show, have not shown, and will not show a single "after" picture of the twin towers.  Personally, I like the "before" pictures better.  Weight Watchers be damned.  Stupid Weight Watchers.

This was a tragedy, and too many Juicy readers have mistook it for yet another reason to complain about how much U.S. policy, in foreign countries, sucks big monkey dick, without taking the time to properly compose their thoughts, acknowledging the collective nightmare the country has been sent into, while voicing their dissent.  Sure, American politicians bend over backwards more and more with each passing year for the corporations, getting us into bind after bind.  Sure, politicians, in the interest of big business, helped create monsters like bin Laden.  But, at the same time, did you notice the thousands of firemen and volunteers digging through what's left of the World Trade Center?  How about those brave dogs, working right alongside the humans, proving, once again, why they're man's best friend?  Have you heard any of the countless stories of heroism?  The politicians' actions, and the citizens' apathetic reactions, of the past, are unfortunate.  The politicians' actions of the present are equally unfortunate, and those of the future look as though they will be even worse.  There is nothing wrong with mentioning any of this.  But, for God's sake, don't start poking sticks, when you're doing the mentioning, and don't forget the gallant way in which America has rallied behind the victims and their families, in a concentrated effort to rescue even one man, woman or child.

Only a select number of people, no matter what their opinion, are able to think rationally after an unheard of catastrophe.  There is NO reason to believe, or even expect, the direct VICTIMS of this tragedy to be thinking rationally.  And it is insensitive to group these victims together with past events that may, or may not, have led up to last Tuesday's horror.  Although all of America is a victim of this calamity, it is unfortunate that the politicians, who make the choices, are DIRECT victims (they were in the area, had friends blown to bits, etc.) of this horrific act, and that the major media, almost all of it coming out of New York, reporting the choices of the politicians, are also DIRECT victims of this previously unthinkable act of terrorism on American soil.  

A sobbing Dan Rather, on David Letterman Monday night, proved, beyond all reasonable doubt, that this has become VERY personal, as it rightfully should, to people in the New York area.  Of course an empathetic society will, without doubt, understand how citizens of NYC feel.  How would you feel if you just lost 5000 friends in a big tower next door to you?  It's simply unfortunate that they, the Dan Rather's of the world, are still the "talking heads."  They are not currently able to think straight, and, for the moment, they should be taken off duty, so someone more objective can come in and temporarily take their place.  

Not only is it the media, but it is the Congress, all of whom could have been KILLED on that fateful day, who are now making America's most important decisions.  They are, as I have pointed out, the direct victims of the ghastly occurrences of 9-11.  I would say the majority of them knew somebody who WAS killed on September 11th.  Imagine if Nicole Brown Simpson's family and friends were the members of the jury, choosing whether or not OJ should be prosecuted.  OF COURSE they would find him guilty, and any evidence to the contrary would be irrelevant, even if he was (and this is hypothetical), innocent. The post-9-11 retaliatory situation is quickly looking to be a grossly undemocratic act of defiance toward those terrorist freak-boys, and their attack on the WTC towers and the pentagon.  The direct victims, the ones who lost a mother or a father, a son or a daughter, a wife or a husband, are making ALL of our decisions for us.  Like FOX NEWS, this is anything but "fair and balanced".

There should be a second congress, hiding in the background, a group of elected officials hovering in bunkers below the potatoes in Idaho, that come in, and take the place of those who have been emotionally scarred beyond sensibility, as our representatives have.  The simple fact that we are letting the victims of the crime choose what happens to our country, and our world, is petrifying to me.  The fact that so many Americans are blindly rallying around these decision makers also shows a country of voters too trusting of the knee-jerk officials that we have elected.  Believe in the rhetoric, America, and let the youth, who had nothing to do with this, die in the war.

Imagine the irrational behavior our politicians are currently displaying.  Congresswoman Barabara Lee is hiding, with security, because she has had so many death threats sent to her, simply because she was the only member of Congress to have the NERVE to admit that maybe a war with unknown terrorists can't realistically be turned into a victory.  Still, on yesterday's Washington Journal, Rep. Jerry Lewis (R-CA) called her a Berkeley type "radical."  This did anything but help her.  His right-wing rhetoric may have just raised the price on her head.  I fear the Congresswoman is a dead (wo)man walking.  For what?  Having an OPINION, in AMERICA.  This WAS the land of the FREE, and the home of the BRAVE, wasn't it?  So much for freedom of opinion, and having a choice.

How quickly we forget the very foundations this country was built on!

Maybe it's only me, but I think Dan Rather, sobbing or not, deliberately REFUSING to give out facts that he knows, regarding the real reasons monsters like bin Laden hate our guts, on the David Letterman show, only to make America look 110% GOOD, is scary.  Maybe it's only me, but I think Rep. Jerry Lewis calling a woman whose life is at stake a "radical" is irresponsible beyond all belief, and at any other time, these comments would be considered so damaging, Lewis would lose his seat faster than a 500 pound man in a movie theater.  Maybe it's just me, but in a "Democratic" society, a person should be FREE to express their opinion, without being surrounded by guards, and without worrying about being massacred, and, the last thing they need, if they are unfortunate enough to be involved in such a situation, is some elected official calling them names.

This is why New York and Washington, the main victims of this tragedy, should STAY OUT OF POLITICS AND MEDIA, for the time being.  We need clear thinkers to make our decisions, and comments made from all over the political and media spectrum have been fuzzy, at best.  There are plenty of REAL solutions to fight for; a gigantic war effort, one that may last 20 or 30 years, and send a lot of our teenage males to their deaths ("equal rights" mean nothing to feminists when their lives our on the line), is not one of them.  There are better ways.  If you still think war is the best answer, and you're under the age of 26, please email me, and explain why you haven't enlisted.  Male OR female.  I'd like to know.

Thanks.  God bless America.

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