(Note: There is nothing funny, sarcastic, comforting or happy about the writing below. If you've just had your Prozac prescription doubled, and don't want anything to mess up your high, you may prefer finding another article in the table of brains while thinking about funny little rabbits ejaculating flowers, rather than view this update. You have been warned.)

Written by: Alex Sandell

Yell "CONGRATULATIONS!" Another one just made it! Another friend! Another foe! They've done it! They've done it! They've made reality of their dream, and now they'll never let it go!

Scream "CONGRATULATIONS!" Another one just made it! Another long-time acquaintance! Another long-lost friend! It's happened! It's happened! It's another story with a happy end!

Pat them on the shoulder! Let them know you share their joy! Show them that you're oh-so very proud! Let them hear you sing aloud! CONGRATULATIONS!

You? YOU sit quietly and watch the "achievers" as they pass you by. As you're ripped-off, lied to, left quietly alone to die.

You? YOU keep dreaming aimlessly as your hopes are washed away. As your heart is broken and the only wish you can wish is one in which you wish tomorrow could be your day . . .

Not another day created for all those people who need yet another "CONGRATULATIONS!" This time, an even LOUDER one than that which was said the day before! Another day where you have to hide what's deep inside more and more and more.

You've learned to hide who you are behind your happy image for so very long. None of them would believe you, if you let them know everything was wrong.

So you never let them.

You don't let them know you've tried every night, but nothing's ever worked out right. You don't let them know that you need someone to take the time to care. And, more than anything, you don't ever let them know that you have never made it anywhere.

You don't tell them that you missed your last chance. You don't tell them you need someone to hold. You don't tell them that you feel as though you can't survive. You Don't tell them that you're so damn torn and broken you don't even know why you're left alive.

You never give away your insides. You never whisper in their ear. You never reveal the silver-screen where you stole all of your smiles from. You never give away the shaking, aching, bitter person that you've become. And you would never, ever give away the gun kept by your side. The one you keep because you're so damn torn and broken you don't even know why you're left alive.

They wouldn't listen to you anyway. "Self-pity is a sin", they'd say.

So you just make sure you don't forget the next "CONGRATULATIONS!" It's long overdue. Your best friend just found forever, and she loves him soooooooo much, too! Can you see the smile in her eye? A smile too bold and bright to ever notice the teardrop in your own. A smile too proud to care as you're ripped-off, lied to and left quietly alone.

"CONGRATULATIONS!" "CONGRATULATIONS!" Let each one be said! I wonder if they will return your "CONGRATULATIONS!" when they find you cold and dead?

ęCopyright 1998 Alex Sandell [All Rights Reserved]. If you copy this, without permission from the author, CONGRATULATIONS! You're an asshole!

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