Hillary Clinton and the MSM Back in Bizarro World
Written by: Alex Sandell

The Mainstream Media (MSM) has, once again, entered Bizarro World. They last visited 4 years ago when an inspirational speech by Howard Dean to rally his troops was played off as "frightening" and a sign of a man losing his grip on reality. This time we're seeing a string of 11 victories played out as a loss to the person who's won the last 11 contests. In Bizarro World math doesn't need to add up.

When I turned on the television set this morning I was bombarded with talking heads claiming that if Barack Obama -- who's won 11 contests in a row -- didn't take Vermont, Texas and Ohio would lose his frontrunner status to Hillary Clinton. They explained their lunacy away by claiming Hillary has won all the solid "blue" states (as long as you're not counting Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Washington, Maryland, Delaware, Hawaii, Connecticut and/or Maine), that Texas -- like the rest of Obama's victories -- is a red state he could never win in a general election and that the candidate who wins Ohio -- a much needed swing state -- is the strongest candidate to take the whole thing in November.  

Could anything be more backward? Why yes ... of course. This is the Clintons we're dealing with here.

The Clinton crew made their permanent residence in Bizarro World long before they transplanted themselves to New York. Hillary's latest bizarre attempt at gaining credibility has been to claim the media has been unfair to her. The very same media who has continued to treat her either as an underdog or as a front runner (whichever best suited her purposes) even after losing 11 in a row.

Being in Bizarro World together no one in the MSM points out the irony of Hillary getting free airtime on David Letterman, Saturday Night Live, 60 Minutes and The Daily Show all within a 5 day period leading up to "Junior Super Tuesday" (Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island and Vermont). Using these valuable media moments the media has given her for free to point out how unfair the media is toward her. No one mentions the disproportionate number of Democratic talking heads that literally came from one Clinton campaign or the other and do a horrible job of playing "neutral" on the Sunday morning talk shows.

This isn't reality and these talking heads and their hosts certainly aren't reporters. Everyone's reading from a script that has been written by the Clinton campaign and handed to the corporate taskmasters running the various news networks and handed down to their political lapdogs who have never been objective journalists, but play them on TV.

In Bizarro World, someone with the last name of "Clinton" can play "underdog" to someone with the last name of "Obama." In Bizarro World, that loser of 11 straight contests can go from underdog to frontrunner by winning a single state (Ohio). In Bizarro World "firewalls" become "goalposts" and goalposts can be moved all the way to the convention, where the loser can presumably score a touchdown months after the clock's run down. In Bizarro World winners can lose and losers can be crowned as victors by the Bizarro mainstream media that covers them on taxpayer owned television stations that make them an absurd (and bizarre) amount of money.

In Bizarro World, sadly, it ain't over 'til it's over and it ain't over, I'm afraid, until Hillary wins. Or can residents of the real world put their foot down tomorrow and end this Bizarro Hillary love-in once and for all? It could happen if those of us in the real world keep making calls, keep contributing and keep voting for a candidate still grounded in reality and, for the first time ever, let Bizarro World know just where the can stick it.

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