Throwing the Bone
Written by: Alex Sandell
February 18th, 1998

A wise person once said, "a wealthy Republican is self-serving, a poor Republican is a fool." This saying is, for the most part, a truism. Republicans are looking out for their own best-interest, even if it's at the expense of others. The lower-class are usually the ones that pay the price for this greed.

Therefore, a wealthy person, educated in politics, who has signed on as a Republican, would obviously be out to protect his/her capital, and pay as little in taxes as possible. Not considering, or simply turning away from, the environment, the starving, the sick, or the other 80% of all Americans he/she is stealing millions from every day. If a lower-class individual, educated in politics, signed on as a Republican, that person is inevitably a fool. Hence the quote at the beginning of this article.

How can a person making $15,000-a-year be paying an individual making $14,000,000,000-a-year's salary? By buying that person's products, or using his/her services. This is capitalism. A failed system, created on the foundation that any person that takes the initiative, and works hard enough can live up to the American Dream. What this system of shattered-dreams has actually become, for the most part, is one in which anyone whose parents or grandparents before them took the initiative, can inherit a bunch of money, and/or a business, and be born into the American Dream.

This crippling-beast known as capitalism is a monster in which anyone can make as much money as they want. The one problem? There's only so much money. No one can (legally) go print out a few billion dollars, when the economy goes sour. We have to get into a war, get America back on its feet . . . get the consumer buying again.

"Well," some of you may say, "couldn't that guy that makes $15,000-a-year just not support the guy that makes 14-billion?" Not unless the person making $15,000 wanted to live under a tree, out in the woods, with absolutely no medical-care, heat, clothing (outside of self-made), or material-items whatsoever. "Why?" you ask. Because it is the biggest of companies that run things such as the drug-industry. A multi-trillion dollar vampire sucking us dry while keeping us "well." So, if you get strep-throat, you're gonna buy into them. You get epilepsy, you're gonna buy into them. You break your leg, you're gonna buy into them.

You're also going to pay the doctors, while buying into the hospital, which is nothing more than a money-making machine. See the pattern? While you're at the hospital, you may buy a few magazines to read. A couple of them may be published by Warner Brothers. Warner Brothers owns eight-hundred gigantic companies (such as Columbia House). It's an entertainment whorehouse, and it's where all your money is going, even if you've never sent it a dime.

"How?" As I stated above, there's only so much money, and if a company such as Warner Brothers, or the pharmaceutical companies are making 80% of that money, that leaves 20% for everyone else. It's a fairly known fact that the upper-1% of Americans make 20% of this countries wealth, and the upper-20% own 80% of the economy. Do the math kids, that doesn't leave you with dick.

"But doesn't the upper-20% simply buy stuff, and give the money back?" In theory, that's how it is supposed to work, but in reality, you guessed it, it doesn't. You see, the upper-20% buys the necessities, as does everyone else, and also gives back some of their "hard"-earned money in taxes, but what do they do with the rest of it? They buy things like $5,000,000-dollar yachts, throw another million into plastic-surgery, pick up a couple Mercedes-Benz for the kids, and put the rest into gigantic banks that make a fortune off of their money, while at the same time foreclosing poor-families homes.

"So, what's the big deal? They're still giving the money back through purchasing." Not true. They're essentially trading the money with a few other super-rich companies. The yacht company, the plastic-surgeon, and "Mercedes Fucks America," or whatever they're called.

What would a poor person more than likely do, if they received $100,000-dollars? They'd buy new clothes from the store down the street. Pay the local plumber to come fix those pipes that have been leaking. Pay back a few friends. Get a oil-change on the car. Have people over for dinner. Pay off those electric bills. Pick up a cordless-phone. Get a haircut. Re-shingle the roof. Buy carpeting for their living-room. Get a jump-start on the rest of their house-payments. Purchase their kid the college-education he's been wanting. And with the leftovers, Maybe splurge a little and pick up a stereo.

What would a rich person do if they received $100,000-dollars? Add a new decal to their fifth Mercedes-Benz. Which of the two are spreading the wealth? Which of the two are actually doing what is needed to make capitalism work? Take a guess at which of these two predominantly votes Republican (decals come to mind?).

"Why is that?" Because Republicans encourage less taxes on the rich. Not less taxes over-all, just less on the rich. They want ridiculous things like the "flat-tax." Think how nutty the "flat-tax" concept is. A person that makes $15,000-a-year, and are living from paycheck-to-paycheck give away 50% of their income to taxes. At the same time, somebody like Bill Gates, making billions a year, and more money in an hour, than he'll ever need in a lifetime, and also pays only 50% of his income. Why?

Wouldn't a better idea be letting the person that can barely survive pay 20%, so they can try to get by, while some dork like Bill Gates can supply the difference, paying 80%, while still bringing in billions a year. This is basic. Yet, the Republicans "can't" see it. The Republicans won't see it.

This is why, as stated at the beginning of this article, wealthy Republicans are self-serving. And now, after reading what I've written, maybe you'll see why a poor Republican would be a fool. I'll end this article with a new quote. "A poor Democrat is a person trying desperately to catch a bone that a conservative unwillingly threw his way. A rich Republican is a person trying desperately to take back that bone, and destroy the system that got him so rich in the first place."

1998 Alex Sandell [All Rights Reserved]. If you copy this article, without my permission, I'll get Republican on your ass. If you would like to share this article, feel free to send out the webpage address to your friends.

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