Boyscouts inc.
Written by:  Alex Sandell

A bunch of boys entering puberty might want to experiment.

A bunch of homo troopers may want to join in.

A bunch of little penises can grow rock hard.

A bunch of pubic hair still gets in the way.

Pass up these throbbing 12-year-old cocks and you're not a true fag.

A bunch of children in sexy uniform may give a pedophile a boner.

A bunch of erections from a ton of married loners lost without love claim to be loners.

A bunch of Republicans are convinced that the majority of them must be pathetic stoners.

A bunch of Republicans are paranoid freaks.

A bunch of Republicans are closet fags.

A bunch of Republicans won't trust the gays.

A bunch of Republicans want them to disappear.

A bunch of homophobic bastards declare them queer.

A bunch of homophobic bastards don't realize that the homos are normal and here.

A bunch of Republicans should come out of the closet and admit that there's nothing immoral about being a fag without fear.

Being a gay boyscout leader is not a sexual threat.

All of the Republican racists can claim that it's a bad bet.

All of the Republicans are so full of shit, that it's coming out of the assholes
that they claim to guard.

If you block any trustworthy man from being a Scout leader,
you've gone too far.

2001 Alex Sandell [All Rights Reserved].  Copy this, without my permission, and I'll call you gay, and then you'll feel inferior, and someone less than me will beat you up!

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