Internet Explorer 7.0 vs. Mozilla Firefox 2.0
(Or:  Why Microsoft Will Never Beat Any Company That They Don't Purchase)
Written by: Alex Sandell

Internet Explorer 7.0.  To no one's surprise, the "long-awaited" (by someone, I guess) browser is a virtual copy of Mozilla Firefox 1.0.  Just like the first Internet Explorer was a virtual copy of Microsoft's then biggest competitor, Netscape. 

Ooh, Microsoft added tabbed browsing!  Guess what?  Those of us with Opera and/or Firefox have been using this excellent feature for years.  Built-in web feed support?  Been using it for a long while with Firefox!  Pop-up blocking?  Been there, done that.

MS has proven, once again, that the only way they stay on top is to rob other developers blind and then stick the intellectual theft on computers by default, by bundling it with the Windows operating system.  MS doesn't play fair, because if they did they'd be out of the game.

Firefox isn't sitting on their laurels, though.  They've released Firefox 2.0.  Unlike MS, Mozilla wasn't intimidated by numbers and didn't find a stupid way to make their number as "big" as Microsoft's number, as MS did with the Xbox 360 (to match the "3" in the Playstation 3). 

I've downloaded both browsers, have used both browsers, and Microsoft -- I programmed with Firefox.  I know Firefox.  Firefox is a favorite browser of mine. Internet Explorer 7.0, you're no Firefox. 

First, a screenshot of Internet Explorer 7.0:

That's just friggin' ugly!  Did MS hire the folks from the Special Olympics to put their browser together?  The blind basketball team, maybe?  The only original thing Microsoft added to their browser is the layout, and the layout is seriously messed up.

Why is the "home" button in the bottom right-hand corner -- where it's damn near inaccessible?  Why is the refresh button in the upper right-hand corner -- where it's damn near unnoticeable? 

This is the least user-friendly interface I've ever dealt with in my entire life.  Sure, you could get used to the ugly beast that is 7.0, but why would you want to when you could caress the silky smooth beauty that is Firefox 2.0? 

IE 7.0 is about as user-friendly as Microsoft's Xbox 360's hideous dashboard.  Could MS at least hire some designers adept enough to hide the fact that Microsoft hates its users nearly as much as it loves their money? 

I can't say I was surprised that Microsoft had to pick through my computer like Big Brother to make sure I didn't have any pirated MS software before installing their laughable browser.  But I can't say that I wasn't at least slightly annoyed over MS's mistrust of its user.

Microsoft's ego is way out of proportion to the products they provide!  Why would anyone want to steal their trashy garbage when nearly every other company out there is offering something better?  Oftentimes free of charge?

Microsoft has created the ultimate anti-piracy program:  A bunch of software not worth pirating!

Now let's look at a Mozilla Firefox 2.0 screenshot:

Even in a lame mini-shot, it's obvious which browser looks better.  But looks are only the beginning. 

Check out those options on Firefox 2.0.  Those options that Mozilla and its users have worked on for years to develop.  Options  MS incorrectly thought that they could replicate. 

On Firefox 2.0, I can listen to the radio as I browse the web without opening a second program.  You can see up above (where it says "Radio") that I'm listening to Air America Radio (great station).  I can listen to rock stations, rap stations, punk stations and country stations with news and music from around the world.  And they're all available to me upon installation!  If I don't like the selection, I can add my own favorite stations!

See that little Pac-Man icon on the left-hand side of the bottom-bar?  That's where I can click to play all those games Microsoft  charges $5.00 - $10.00 to "buy."  See where it says "TV"?  That's where I can choose to watch television stations across the world.  Even ones not owned by Microsoft!

Wizz RSS 2.16?  It's built in RSS!  The shop button?  It's great for the bargain hunter.  When I'm about to buy something it will show me every site where I could buy it at a cheaper price. 

Firefox has buttons that take the user to movie sites, video game sites, and search sites  -- and these buttons offer the user a choice.  It's not all MICROSOFT movie sites, video game sites, and search sites, as it is with IE 7.0.   Microsoft is going out of their way to make the world Micro-centric.  Those willing to take a chance on Firefox 2.0 will find that there is so much more out there. 

It also helps that Firefox is still faster, still easier to use, and is still the real browser of choice for anyone from the casual Internet user to the hardcore developer.  Firefox encourages creativity and new ideas, while MS wants to limit creativity to Microsoft and Microsoft products only.

Mozilla Firefox is the better browser.  Download 2.0 and see for yourself (it's free). Once you've played with Firefox, you'll most likely never go back to Microsoft.  Here's the link to download Firefox 2.0.  Click here to give it a try

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