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How too git wutever womin yoo want, in won ez step

Helo agin.  Its mee agin.  Bubba Dorkweiner.  I wons sed won time I due not much like righting much, so of corse I wuz surpreyesed as al of yoo too sea me bak.  Butt, aftur my furst paige wuz so populir, and wel receeved, the NBA as-ked me if I wood bee abel too right anuther paige for my paige.  So sinse it wuz the NBA, and all I said "o-k."

Sinse the NBA red at my last up-daite how much luckey I wuz wit' my momma befour shee went to Hevan, thay thot I wood bee the perfact persin to help les fourtinate peepal then me to git a daite. Beecuz let us face it, it is not vary ez four a huntar, end gun-phanetic to git a womin.  I think jist cuz wee're not French, oar somthin. 

Sew, wen u spend moast of ure life at rallyies in souport of the NBA, and the othar most of ure life hunting thangs, how our u sewposed to git a womin?  I kan tel u how too dew it in won ez step!   

How?  Yoo ask?   How dew yoo think, Eyenstine?  Git a gun! 

Womin like it beg, and hard, like a gun!  In a move-e I seen won day, caled Woo Fraymed Rogir Rabit, a gurl says too a guy, "iz that a gun in ure pockit, oar our yoo jist ex exsight, hapee too sea me?" I didant git most of that move-e, cuz it wus compleekayted, butt I did undur stand its mesage about how a womin likes notheen moor then a hornee guy pointeng a gun at hur.

And thare yoo half it.   How too git a womin in won ez step.  Or, evin moor betar, go out end git ureself a gurl!

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