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Becus the elecshion 2000 is comming up I wus asked by the NBA, the famis baskitbal and gun lobbee, too com on the joocy cerebelim and tawk abowt guns so republacins wil vote for guns and baskitbal in the 2000th elecshion the Unitid States has had.  The NBA wants me two tel yoo that if you join the NBA rite now yoo wil git a free silvar bullit sined by Charlton Heston whoo let me eat at his howse one day and gist got owt of treetment for being wut my mom used to call my daddee before he kiled her, a "soke."  That meens he drinked to much stuf and in a fone interveew he told me he didant drink to much stuf but was only drinkeen more than he shood because the duck he ate at politicel phunctions was "to dry."  So he was not a soke but a person with dry mowth wich is somethang a soke doesant have!  He was also a famis baskitbal playar that was niknamed "Moses" owt on the cort!!!

Now he is sineing silvar bullits for anywon who joins the NBA and that is good becuz if you meet a weerwoof you can shoot them and that is the onlee kind of bullit that wil make them stay ded.  I got my comp compla compli free silvar bullit a day ago and it smeled like daddee's breth after he eated to much dry duck.  I gis this is becuz Moses likes to lik the end of his pin before sineing his weerwoof kiling bullits.  The NBA has a gole of getteng 3-trilien membirs to pas stuf in congras before the next elecshion.  Thay now have alreddy moor membars than evir befoor in time and haf of thim are ded!  I am not suposed to addmit haf of the new membars are ded becuz its a secrit but I dont no why it is a secrit becuz I think it is amazeng that evin ded peopel are sineing up for the NBA!  I wondir if my dead momee sined up for the NBA?  She stoped riting to me aftir my last updait becuz she sed I wuz pathatic and she was gitting a reel job as a financiel consultint fore "sum joo" in Hollewood.  I dident no they highered peopel in Heven but I think she is probablee not a financiel consulting but reely playeeng baskitball in Heven.  She is probablee on Geezuz's baskitball teem!  I bet she gives bettar rimjobs than any of the 12 apostals ever cood!  Mommy nevir shode me how good she wuz at rimjobs like I sed she wood in the last updait I did becuz she decidid to tel me abowt hur licking my buthole insted but I am shur she is good and I shur am prowd of her!

Withowt momee arownd I fownd a nu gurlfrend and she isent mommee or a sheep.  I met hir on the set of Geri Springar on an eppisode cawled "I dident no my womin was a man!"  She was somebodies womin on stage but he broak up with hir and I dont no why he did but now I am dateng hir and she is supir sexy.  The furst time we had intar intirco fucked I thowt she had a penes but it tirned owt it wuz gist a reely big clit and if I rub it long enuff it wil cum sort of like my penes!  Hir pusy wuz evin titer than my sheep's and weigh titer than my momma's!  It felt sort of like my daddee's butwhole when he yoused to eet to much duck and askid if he cood sit on my lap.  He wood put his butwhole on my peenes and that is what my gurlfrend's, hir name is Dave, pusy feels like.  It looks like that to.  It smels like that to but she sed all womin's pusy's smel like shit and I hurd dad sayin' that to mommee once, he sed, "your pusy smels like shit!" so I beleeve that is normil.  My new gurlfrend Dave says all gurls is difarant and that she was cirsed with a pusy that looks like the whole in a but.  When I askid where the whole in hir but is she got vary inbarrised and cride.  I wil not ask hir such personil things agin.  

I im getteng off topec.  I am to tel you all to join the NBA and git a silvar bullit and to send in the deth certificats of yore ded loved ones in to the NBA to and they wil evan put thim on the list and let thim be membars!!!  I was suposed to say that wuz my ideea but it wuznt and I dont want to take credat for the NBA's good ideeas.  

I alsow want to say that I thinc sum peopel on the joocy ceribelums massage board is doing good at dafending guns and smart gun peopel like me to keep having are guns.  Thay says that basebal is more dangeris than guns and thay say that if we make guns ilegil that basebal will murdar peopel more than even guns!  I thinck that thay are smart and I wish moor peopel like them was on the board.  

That is all fore now I wil cum bak when I am needid pleez reed my old updates if yoo havant alreddy.

Send Alex feedbak on this updait becuz he gits reel mad if yoo dont and akts like a babee

Copyright 2000 Alex Sandell [All Rights Reserved].  I wood half let bubba copyrite it but hee sed he doesent like riting much.

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