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Canine Deaniacs for Dean Deanies:
Because John Kerry is too "botoxed" out to vote for!

Porthos is back and as outspoken as ever!

Back when my owner, Alex, believed Howard Dean was above sucking the raggedy old cock of snowboarding John Kerry, he went and met the man (Howard Dean, not John Kerry.  Alex would rather have a root-canal performed through his anus than to spend a minute with Treebeard Kerry.  One time he even said he'd rather put peanut butter on his dick for me to lick off.  When I challenged him by pushing a jar of Skippy his way, he backed out.) and, when Alex still had a sense of hope, he had Howard sign three "Deanie Babies."  Lots of Deaniacs have been wondering what a "Deanie Baby" is.  "Well", as Ronald Reagan would say, before he became a brain dead Alzheimer's patient, "look at the picture above and discover the truth!"  Would Ronnie really say that?  Would he really say that if Nancy told him not to?  Does anyone give a fuck?

Alex has three Dr. Dean Deanie Babies, signed by the Doctor, himself.  He has a Minnesota Deanie Baby, which you can't see very well in the picture above because I was being a total ass when he tried to take my photo and kept covering up the Minnesota Deanie that Alex wanted me so badly to show -- it was funny at the time (dogs can have a sadistic sense of humor, when they want to).  Lastly, Alex has a politician Deanie Baby (ah, the good old days... those days when Dean was a politician out of ideological beliefs and not just some guy trying to sell a book by being an artificial pragmatist). 

All three Deanie Babies are signed and would make those scent-obsessed people on blogforamerica super horny, being that the dolls still smell of some sort of perfume (or aftershave).  Did I mention that every Deanie Baby is signed?  I just did, didn't I?  If I didn't, chalk it up to the fact that I'm a canine.  That means that I'm not quite as smart as John Kerry and I'm slightly smarter than George W. Bush.  Alex coulda gotten one hell of a deal on an Iowan Deanie Baby, but he told Iowa to fuck off, and still puts on a nasty snarl and flicks up a middle-finger to the Iowans that he feels initially screwed Howie's chances at becoming President of the United States of America.

Being that Alex is over Howard in the way a boyfriend is over a bad girlfriend who he caught in bed with his best friend... twice, he's auctioning off all three Deanie Babies.  If you want an autographed Deanie Baby, you had better go to his site and email him quick.  There are only three available and, as always, ALL profit made from the auction will go to animal shelters.  Currently, the highest bid is only $50.00 for all three.  The auction will end April 14th.  All bids are final. 

Alex says that giving the money away to an animal shelter is a stupid idea.  He thinks it would be better spent buying Prince tickets and Crest Whitening Strips.  But Alex isn't the one that lived in a burlap sack in a ditch for nearly a week.  We animals need saving (just like Alex saved me)!  Alex has autographed Deanie Baby things which will be almost fur shur worth 3,000,0000 dollars within the next 6 months!  Want one? Save an animal!  Email your offer now!

Canines for Change!

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Support Canines for Dean!  Buy a poster, print or magnet.  ALL profits will go to animal shelters!  Save a lonely animal from an untimely death -- buy a poster, magnet or calendar (there's tons of stuff for sale)!