Is it over?:
The Juicy Cerebellum goes dry
Written by:  Alex Sandell

Dear Juicy Cerebellum Readers:

What you see above is the bill I just received from Network Solutions.  It is asking for $70.00 to renew the domain name for another 2 years.  I can't afford to pay it.  Even if I could, I wouldn't.  

I have entertained, and even educated, a lot of you for going on 4 years.  Each of those four years I have lost money on the site.  I've lost a large amount of money on the T-Shirts you swore you wanted, but didn't buy when I made them.  I've lost a large amount of money keeping up a post office box for the site (almost $100.00 a year), which is empty 99% of the time.  I've lost hundreds maintaining a long-distance Internet connection, so I could write bold and honest articles confronting shady groups like MAPS, and insure that, even if they got me kicked off of every local server in town, I'd still be able to put the articles online for you to read.  I've lost hundreds of dollars registering and renewing the domain name for this site, during its first 3 years.  When it's all said and done, I've lost over $1,000.00, and spent countless hours, writing updates that you enjoy reading.  

Over the years, I have occasionally asked for contributions.  "Pay what you think the site is worth," I have said.  "Pay what you can afford," I pleaded.  "If you skip a night out once or twice a year, you could easily send in $30 - $100.00," I reminded people.  I've received literally HUNDREDS of promises to send me a contribution, but, in four years, only about 30 readers have been decent enough to keep their word. 

I thought I had a nice, FAIR system worked out.  The wealthy people that visit this site could send in a little extra to make up for the middle class sending in a little less and the lower class people could read the site for FREE, because I could keep it online, as a free site, for them to look at.  I could write the ballsy anti-corporate updates you've all grown to love, because I wouldn't be beholden to the corporations for their advertising dollar.  This would have left everyone happy.  The way it worked was this:  a few of the LOWER CLASS people sent in more than they could afford, which still wasn't much, a couple of middle class people sent in $5.00 or $10.00 and, outside of one person, the wealthy readers (and I do have quite a few of them), didn't send in a fucking thing.  This left everyone sad, and now threatens the longevity of this page.

Finally, I came to terms with the fact that I would NEVER make a penny off of The Juicy Cerebellum, and stopped asking for contributions.  I hoped that a few people would check my old updates, and send something in, but no one did.  The last contribution I received was $2.00 three months ago.  I didn't bitch and moan about this.  Now, due to a bill for $70.00 which I cannot pay, and should not be obligated to pay, I have to raise the issue, once again. 

I want to continue doing The Juicy Cerebellum, and I know a lot of you want me to continue doing it.  It is you people that need to help me pay this bill.  First, ask yourself what you CAN send in.  Second,  ask yourself what keeping The Juicy Cerebellum online for another 2 YEARS is worth to you.  Take that amount of money (cash, checks or money orders) and send it to:

Alex Sandell
PO Box 331
Alexandria, MN 56308

If you don't send anything in, that's fine, there just won't be a Juicy Cerebellum after February 16th.  This is not a bluff, and I know I'm not asking for too much.  $70.00, which will simply go back into this page, is NOTHING compared to the effort I've put into this bizarre online entity known as The Juicy Cerebellum.  $70.00 SHOULDN'T be too much for my combined readership to send in within the next 14 days.  If only 7 people sent $10.00, I'd be there.  If 3 people sent $23.33, I'd be there.  If 2 people sent $35.00, I'd be there.  If 1 person sent $70.00, I'd be there.  If nobody sends anything, The Juicy Cerebellum is dead.

You only have a week, tops, to send in a contribution and get it here on time.  Don't think that you can put it off, or that somebody else will do it, because history shows that NOBODY else will.  Juicy Cerebellum readers seem to be either A. incredibly tight or B. incredibly poor.  This time, the fate of this page really does lie in your hands.  You make the call, and whatever you decide, Stay Juicy!


Alex Sandell
PO Box 331
Alexandria, MN 56308

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