Dead Dogs Don't Roll Over
Written by: Alex Sandell

Chapter 25
. . . Can It Get Any Stranger?

I meet up with Slot Service Specialist Lisa on the way back to my bank. "What's wrong?" She asks, "you look like shit." "It's that fucking ‘high stakes.’ I just went in there to talk to Bonnie and she wasn't even there." I catch my breath and then continue. "According to a few of the customers that I talked to, she hasn't been in there for about half an hour."

I look toward Lisa for some sympathy and instead receive an awkward smile. "What?!?" I ask, "do you know where she is?" Lisa's smile remains intact. "Well, what the hell's going on? Why isn't Rich ever around? I only met up with him when I punched-in, and then down in the basement. Well, I guess I saw him for about a second when I came back upstairs. Still, he’s usually breathing down my neck the entire time I’m here. No one's around. Anyway, where did Lisa disappear to?" Lisa just keeps standing beside me, never losing that warped grin.

I start figuring that I must have something on my face. I begin wiping around my entire head, paying extra attention to my nostrils. Lisa finally speaks, "you're so paranoid about stuff hanging out of your nose. You look fine." I remove my hands and ask Lisa what in the hell she's smiling about then. "Oh, Wayne - haven't you heard? Bonnie just gave birth to a cute little boy."

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