Dead Dogs Don't Roll Over
Written by: Alex Sandell

Chapter 26
Yes, I Suppose That it Can

Wait a minute. Bonnie just had a kid? Hasn't she only been pregnant for a week? A weird squirting noise comes from the back of Lisa's throat. She begins to speak, answering the questions that just ran through my mind.

"That's what happens after nine months of being pregnant," she comments sarcastically, "you end up having a child." I try to swallow my confusion and nerves all in one gulp. When the two get tangled up halfway down my throat, I begin to speak. "But, I just heard that she was pregnant for the first time. It was only about thirty minutes ago. I was told that Bonnie's only been pregnant for about a week. Last I looked she wasn't even showing. Now she's left work to have her baby?" I sigh hard, before stating the obvious. "Something's not normal about this casino today."

Lisa tugs on her bra-strap and begins to move her plump breasts back into position. "Wayne, do you got a fever? Haven't you noticed how big Bonnie has been for the last couple of months? I was afraid she was going to have to deliver the baby on top of a blackjack table."

Imagine the lucky player that winds up winning a newborn baby. I wonder if they’d select a player to cut the umbilical cord, along with the deck.

I sway back and forth, trying to steady myself, before attempting to soothe Lisa's concern over me. "I'm fine, I just must not have noticed Bonnie's bulging stomach." Lisa exhales while gently patting my tabletop of a butt (meaning that it's flat, not firm).

"I don't know about you, Wayne. You're the one that's been making a big deal about wanting to feel the baby kicking, before it is born." I giggle and pretend to recall my stomach touching desires. In reality (if I can even get away with calling it that, anymore) the only thing that I've been desiring is to get this awkward day over with.

I open my change bank and Lisa wanders away. When I'm nearly finished loading my apron with more "High-Stakes’" tokens, I feel someone's finger tap me on the back. "You can go back to selling nickels, Wayne. I'll take over High-Stakes." I turn to witness the savior that is rescuing me from the plight of serving the wealthy. That savior turns out to be used-to-be-pregnant Bonnie.

"Uh," I begin, "are you sure that you're feeling up to it." Bonnie gives me a puzzled look, similar to that of a man that put his condom on inside out. "Why wouldn't I be feeling O.K.?" she retorts. "Uh . . ." I begin once again, "I don't know. I just didn't think you'd be ready." "Wayne," Bonnie replies, "you're acting strange. Are you sure you're feeling O.K.?" "I don't know anymore," I respond while rubbing my aching head. "I'm sure I'll be fine. Go ahead and take over High-Stakes. I'll unload my apron and load back up with nickels, again."

Bonnie begins walking back to High-Stakes. She turns around to ask one final question. "Wayne," she begins, "did you hear?" "Hear what?" I return. Bonnie gives me an "oh-yooouuuu" type look. "I’m pregnant!"

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