Dead Dogs Don't Roll Over
Written by: Alex Sandell

Chapter 27
When Everything Just Isn't Enough

I take all the $25.00 and $50.00 dollar tokens out of my apron and replace them with quarters and nickels. After my little high stakes ordeal, I'm nearly relieved to see all my lower-class friends back in nickel hell. That's one thing a casino will teach you, the upper-class think you owe them the world, and if you won’t give it to them, they don’t have any trouble stealing it from you. I'll admit, rich people can be nice, as long as they're getting their way.

Members of the upper-crust have three goals in life: 1.) Convince themselves that they "deserve it." 2.) Make sure they’re being adequately waited on. 3.) Make more money. Having everything that they've ever desired makes them feel that they deserve everything else that there is. They've already gotten all that they wanted and now they get extremely upset if they can't get just what they want.

Some gentlemen in ragged clothing pulls me from my thoughts by tugging on my shirt. "These fuckin' machines aren't working worth a shit. My quarter got jammed." "Um, that's a nickel machine, sir." "You should make that a little more clear than, bub." The man scowls at me and walks away, leaving his quarter behind. Hmm . . . maybe it's just humanity.

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