Dead Dogs Don't Roll Over
Written by: Alex Sandell

Chapter 32
Richard Does Wonder

As I turn the first corner back to my change-bank, I meet up with Richard. An embarrassed Richard, a Richard that has just been degraded by a superior and feels worthless and UN-loved. A Richard that feels justified in mistreating an inferior, in the same way that he has been mistreated.

It’s now that I realize how terribly much I’ve grown to hate corners. It seems that every time I turn one, I meet up with Richard. He's like some sort of gigantic, mustached Gremlin, just lurking around every bend, waiting to jump out and grab me.

"What are you doing?" Richard asks in his standard, icy tone. "I'm just walking back to my bank," I return in my sheepish, shaky one. Richard isn’t satisfied with my answer. "What did they need you at the office for?" He asks, a nefarious grin creeping onto his omnipresent face. "They just wanted to know why I went downstairs with my apron on." I lie.

Richard looks deceived and wonders how they found out about the apron incident, when he hadn’t reported it yet. I choose to use my American right to free speech to shut up. Unfortunately, Richard’s free speech is a lot louder, and he demands an answer. I make my best attempt at giving a rebellious smile and walk away.

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