Dead Dogs Don't Roll Over
Written by: Alex Sandell

Chapter 46
Let's Do the Time-Lapse Again

The feeling you get from waking up from a time-lapse, is the equivalent of coming out of a dream. You don’t really want to wake up, and now that you have, everyone seems even more annoying than they usually do. "Excuse me, Sir, I handed you seven dollars, that’s four rolls of nickels." I look this whiney, pitiful excuse for humanity in the eye and say, "no, ma’am, that would be only three rolls of nickels, and the extra dollar, that you hoped would confuse me, I gave back to you." The lady sneers, and huffs something about me being "high and mighty," before she turns and walks away.

Since I suspect Richard is reading my mind, I try desperately to avoid thinking about my encounter with Lisa’s spirit. I think about a 95% accurate way to find out if someone is telling you a lie, the 101 most annoying people, the meaning of life, 33 things more irritating than world starvation . . . anything to keep my mind off of the supernatural. Still, all these pointless, immature thoughts seem to be in vein, when I see a (typically) flustered Richard walking toward me. I laugh when I see he’s busy wiping something off of his face, with a tissue.

"Have you notice anything weird, around here," he asks, while dabbing the remaining saliva off of his face. "You mean, outside of that guy that spanked me, and all of these people that sit in front of a machine for hours, giving their money away?" I observe that I’ve become a bit more of a smart-ass, since Lisa stopped time. This might have something to do with the fact that I chose to be here, when I could have left, I wasn’t forced. This makes me feel "studly," or something.

"These people are our bread and butter. They put food on the table. I don’t want you to forget that, Mr. Ziekel." Maybe it’s just my imagination, but being spit on by an unseen force, seems to have mellowed Richard. "As a matter of fact, if I hear you talk condescendingly toward, or about these people, I will report you, without hesitation – and recommend that you receive the maximum punishment." Yep, it was just my imagination.

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