*The opinions expressed on this page are those of Charles Lee "Conservative's," and are
NOT those of The Juicy Cerebellum's.  Alex Sandell, creator of The Juicy Cerebellum 
wishes to state that he does not agree with Charles Lee "Conservative's" opinions, and 
thinks the guy is a fanatical nut!*
On June 19th, 1997 I wrote an article on why censorship is good for America.  Little
did I know that nearly 7 months later, I would still be bombarded with mountains of email 
from people protesting my opinion.  
Since the time of the article, Chris Farley has passed away . . . due to pornography (he had
hired a prostitute to strip for him), Princess Diana has died . . . due to pornography 
(porno-peddling Paparazzi stalked her right up until her death), and yet sales of porno videos
and movies steadily rises.
It has been proven, beyond a reasonable doubt, that pornography is a killer.  A malicious
stealer of once innocent souls.  It has been proven that my original article was right on the 
money, and yet I get letters protesting my opinions.  I decided to print these letters, along
with my replies.  The letters I received are printed in red, to indicate how much blood has
been spilled due to porno-related filth, and how Satan must be laughing in the bowels of 
My responses have been printed in white, to indicate a saving-grace.  A savior, if you will.  
That is the reason I allow Alex Sandell to print my commentary on his pornographic website
(under a fictional last-name); to try and save each of you from scum like him.  Alex claims 
that he lets my articles be posted to give his fans "something to laugh at", I feel he is silently
screaming for salvation.  A salvation that only someone like me can give.  
On to the letters . . .    
um, i read your comments on pornography and why *you* think it is bad and why
the internet is hell...first of all...i think people have to come to there own
morals and feelings before blaming pornography for their actions...pornography
is not responable for your uncontrol in masturbation...it is a matter of
coming to terms with it in yourself..and not just blaming pornography...
Young Sir -
Pornography isn't to be blamed, it is to be DAMNED. It isn't a mere object, 
such as a Walt Disney video that an individual can determine is, or isn't safe 
for their sanity, it is a SIN. A sin damns you to hell. I do not think "Beauty 
and the Beast" would take you there. I do not think "Beauty and the Beast" 
requires young ladies to strip down into their undergarments, and pose for 
a camera-man like some sort of sex-object. 
My masturbation WAS out of control, thanks to all the FREE, and UNwanted 
JCPenny catalogs which were sent to me in the mail. Those catalogs entice a 
male, and bring out the worst in him. And out it came, in a little pile of white goo. 
Is this good for my health? My soul? My sanity? Not at all. 
You seem to be in agreement with that idiot who runs "The Juicy Cerebellum". 
That page is for the dogs. I merely agreed to put my article on there because 
I felt that, even though many of the perverts who choose to read that page would 
laugh at me, I could change minds. I could show some of the children where they 
have strayed. 
Please, my young friend, reconsider your thoughts on pornography, and I ask you 
not to visit places like "The Juicy Cerebellum" again, for your own sanity. I will 
forward this email to Alex, the sinister devil behind "The Juicy Cerebellum" 
and let him know that I am still at work changing the minds of his readers, and 
pushing more and more people away from his site. 
Please believe the words printed in this letter, for they are to set you free. 
Thank you for your time.
Charles Lee Conservative
Below is the response I received for my thought-provoking letter.  
believe the words you say? are you God? i will have a blast and feel a
connection by reading alex's page till the day that it ends...and i will not
be scared to be myself in the process...i have control...you want to blame it
on other things   
Only because other things are to be blamed.  If you tripped over a suitcase, 
as Alex, creator of this page (albeit he was probably hopped up on the "pot")
did, would it be solely your fault?  I think not.  It would be the fault of your
inability to walk correctly, the fault of the suitcase, and possibly the fault of a 
mind-numbing chemical you ignorantly chose to put in your body to get "high".  
This is much like pornography.  When you look at a JCPenny catalog, or something
even more hardcore, such as Playboy, you are "getting off" over this pornography.  Is
this your fault?  Only partially.  It is also the fault of hormones, your lack of control,
and more than anything, the magazine.  The sick, twisted pornography peddled on the
street like some sort of carry-out whore.  
Please take notice as to where you point the blame.  Take notice for the sake
of your soul.
naked people are okay. you weren't born with clothes on.
And here we go, some kid thinking she/he's being funny.  Ma'am, 
how would you know how I was born, and what I was wearing at the time?  
Pornography is not a "joking" matter, and your joke was inappropriate in regards to my 
article.  I am guessing that I'm at least 20 years your senior, and your smart-mouth should be
washed out with soap, before you learn the hard-way about disrespecting your
Hey dipshoot. 
You have to understand that the " 'net " is not just aporno-ridden Heck hole. 
It's people's thoughts, and people's feelings.And when those two things 
(our God given, and govenrnemt given rights)are taken away, or censord, 
I think I'll move to Cuba, and become acommunist, because hey, they're 
fricking used to it. Eat shoot and die, 
Dob Bole
PS: What the heck is wrong with porno? I jerk off all the time, and itmakes me feel 
good. I think most people do, and the people who say they don't, are the people who 
hold in firts. So, you tell me "You should be ashamed", I tell you "You should try it". 
Thanks for lettin' me express MY THOUGHTS!!!
I can see that they no longer teach the art of spelling in schools these days.  In regards
to your filthy letter, it was filth!  I took the liberty of altering your dirty words, but
am still offended over your rotten attitude.  
Communists were evil, evil enemies of the country, who made movies.  Until a thing called
the blacklist, which you probably have not heard of, because you spend your days learning
filth words, instead of learning United States history, the USA was in danger of being taken
over by these commies.  I was only a child during this period, but I was frightened, 
Thank heaven the Lord sent his own squadron of good guys into the movie biz, such as 
Ronald Reagen, to put an end to the communist party forever.  Now these devils have moved
on, but I can still see them looming in the shadows, and I am still afraid.  
I'm sorry you felt the need to join their party, and support pornography in Cuba.  I will
pray for you.  
Okay, in 12th gread (your senior year inhighschool), you still played with 
G.I. Joes? Did you go out andparty? And of all things to whack it to!! THE 
J C FooKING PENNYCATALOG??? Oh my lord? That's got to be breaking 
some kind of law.
-No signature
This letter is conclusive proof that spelling is no longer a requirement in this
day and age.  Maybe I should spell all my words wrong.  What's the point of doing
anything right anymore, now that we have television, and Internets?  aljgkla akjgkhpwe"
;lkaj  vajknb.  Take that Mr. Smart Guy.  Take that straight to Hell, where you'll 
spend eternity with your pornography!
Dear Mr. Conservative -
Keep it to yourself, you fooking Nazi.
Dear Dave-
I resent that comment, with or without the included vulgarity.  I am not a Nazi, 
I'm a Republican.  Thank you.
If you're having problems, and want to talk to someone that can really help, please email Charles
Lee "Conservative" at newtrules@hotmail.com. Thank you for your time. 
Due to an agreement made with Mr. Conservative, all contents (with exception to the letters) on this page, 
although written by Charles, are copyright 1997 Alex Sandell.  (That way I have the legal right to laugh at him.)  

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