Class War 2000:
The Sleeping Giant Awakens
Written by:  Alex Sandell

What do you dream about, when you're in your room, unable to sleep, and staring at the ceiling?  Being a celebrity?  Finding the perfect spouse?  Retiring from your job before you're too old to enjoy the benefits of not working?  Ending your virginity?  Going to Walt Disney World?  I can tell you what I dream about; watching the power rich crumbleI dream about watching Nike be forced by law to manufacture its shoes in America, and pay a decent wage to its workers, rather than paying a single mother less than one dollar an hour to literally kill herself working in an unregulated sweatshop in some third-world country I dream of seeing Wal-Mart, McDonald's, K-Mart, Target, Taco Bell, Burger King, and any other gargantuan minimum wage employer paying a FAIR wage based on what THEY earn, and having to give each of their employees a percentage of all of the money that goes into their tills every day.  I dream about the tears in the eyes of the spoiled little rich brats when the Government puts a cap on the gross amounts of cash people are currently inheriting, and distributes the money evenly so everyone gets a chance to live the American Dream, not just the few elitist shits that were born into it.  This is what I dream about.  I dream of a Class War, and my dreams may finally be coming to fruition.   

When the large protest of the World Trade Organization (WTO) occurred in Seattle, I was sure that it was finally the beginning of the full-blown Class War that I, and so many others, had been wishing for.  Then, nothing seemed to happen for quite a while, and my hopes, that had so fleetingly turned into a reality, began fading back into the clouded obscurity of a daydream.  A few organized protests popped up now and again, but there was nothing big enough to warrant front page news.  And then, along came the Republicans, and with them came not only the typical right-wing rhetoric, but thousands of protesters.  The seeds Seattle laid out for a Class War, finally took root.

A diverse alliance of activists have migrated to Philadelphia, home of the Republican National Convention, to let the politicians, and the world, know how upset they are over the ever increasing gap between the rich and the poor in America; the environmental degradation and lack of regulations for corporations wanting to destroy yet another ecosystem in the name of fast food; the diminishing human rights that are being granted to this "Democracy's" citizens; the multinational corporations' stranglehold over both the national and global economy; and, last but definitely not least, corporate greed.  The protests will not, however, end along with this week's Republican Convention; these groups are already setting up shop in Los Angeles, in preparation for the Democratic National Convention (also affectionately referred to as the "Republicratic National Convention"), which is scheduled to begin August 14th.  

As if this large amount of protesters stealing the thunder from both the Democrats and Republicans wasn't enough, there's that Presidential Candidate known as Ralph Nader, who's running nearly exclusively on the "why corporations suck" platform, and is actually making a lot of sense to a lot of people.  Ralph, like any of us who know anything about how to keep an economy alive, and a democracy democratic, wants to, as President, STOP these constant corporate mergers that have been taking place at an alarming rate, recently.  Ralph wants to STOP the absurd practice of one mega-rich father handing billions down to his children, so they too can be mega-rich, without doing a damn thing to earn it.  Ralph wants to STOP   Wal-Mart, McDonald's, K-Mart, Target, Taco Bell, Burger King, and any other gargantuan corporation from exploiting teenagers just entering the job-force, and struggling adults who are down on their luck, by paying them next to nothing and giving them no benefits.  Sound like a certain dream that I mentioned up above?  

What does a third-party candidate, considered "radical" by many, shooting up in the polls, and a growing amount of protestors dissing corporations all mean?  It means people have had just about enough of the lies, deception and false promises spewed out by our politicians, and the CEOs who own them.  People are standing up and letting an economically divided nation know that they will not tolerate this, anymore.  If I was one of the millionaires that benefited from taking advantage of the people that made me my fortune, I would be shaking in my $4,000.00 pair of snakeskin boots.  A Class War has started, and a lot of hungry people are desperately craving their piece of the proverbial pie.  A lot of disgruntled citizens of this great mockery known as "democracy" are wondering why their slice has been stolen from them through campaign contributions, Swiss bank accounts and disproportionate salaries.  

There truly is strength in numbers, and there's a lot more of us than there are of them.  If that wasn't the case, there would be no reason for all of this discontent and protest.  This is one battle that the privileged are not going to be able to buy their way out of, and one that they are not going to win.  How could they? Millions of people such as myself have been sitting in their bedrooms, unable to sleep, staring at the ceiling and dreaming our way to victory for decades, now. 

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2000 Alex Sandell [All Rights Reserved].  If you use this without my permission, I'll send a brick through your local Starbucks, and make sure it's aimed right at your head!

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