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(These are the pages that have put up a Juicy banner. The webmasters/editors/people-that-throw-shit-together, are also fellow readers of The Juicy Cerebellum. Although I am not going to review the pages here, I will say that you may as well check them out. You've got nothing to lose, and if they suck, there is a back button.)

Check out my butt!
Places to Go, People to Do
The Life of Brian
Bill's Home Page
V a R i a n C e
Cool Places To Waste Your Time At
Deep Thoughts, By Jack Handy!!!
Uncle Bill's Room
Chronicles of the Porcelain Pork
The Angel on the Internet's Page Spotlight
Dancing Cherokee's Home Page
welcome to valerie's
Questor's Realm
Varicus: The sound of rock's corpse sodomised by a grinning junglist sampler
Links To Friends, Family, Farm Animals, and Mutants
bLind's Page o' Stuff
Awards, Friends and other creations
CTL*ALT*DEL...<p>...The 3-Finger Salute to Windows95!!!!!
Twisted Tales
Susanna's 9th Spot in Hell
Ben's page of Crap
The Grab Bag
Cynics Inc.
Links Off The Starboard Bow!!!

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