Top Ten Reasons Why It's Cool To Be Epileptic
By: Epileptic Alex

10) You can make people believe that it's contagious, and then proceed to bite them.

9) Quick seizure always great excuse for exiting lousy social-gatherings early in the evening.

8) They won't let your drive, so you get to meet lots of taxi-drivers who help you realize that it could be worse.

7) When you have a seizure, you can pretend that you're turning into a werewolf, and scare lots of really stupid people.

6) Lots of great jobs waiting for you at freakshows around the world.

5) The possibility that you may seize at any given moment adds a little spice to a boring dinner date.

4) Lots and lots of drugs (they all suck, but sometimes it's nice to have a dream).

3) Fun convincing religious fanatics that God is talking through you.

2) Exciting rides in ambulances.

1) Hey, who else gets to be a human vibrator?

1997 Alex Sandell [all rights reserved]. If you copy this, without asking, I'm gonna convulse on top of you and make you drink up all the foam.

Jeez, not only are you some sorta freak of nature, but you fucking BRAG about it?!? Who do you think you are??? Send me back to that table of brains, NOW!

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