Okay, here's the part where I kiss everyone's ass. So, if you don't like the thought of butt-hair between lips, please look away.

First of all, I'd like to thank the Icon Bazaar where I got a lot of my neat little graphics and Icons. If you ever decide to make your own homepage one day, I suggest you check it out. 

And, I'll give thanks to the newest addition to the "give thanks" list, Tad "rich prick" Saltypotater for making the "Hell" logo in the "When Hell Freezes Over" section, and the nifty "Bubba's Interview With Some Rich Guy From Wal-Mart" thing.  I thank him even though he DID recommend I download FrontPage '98 Beta, which has made this page about TWICE as hard to update, every day.  And, even though he DID tell me he found no bugs in it, even though it's full of bugs.  Even though he DID do all that, he meant well, and he made some damn cool logos, so I love him.

Thanks to the slightly psychotic, Norfin Q. Squidmonger, President of FOOLS, who made the nifty "Gilligan's Gate," "Ex-Files," and, "Bubba's Interview With Some Rich Guy From Wal-Mart" logos.

And another big thanks to this guy named Shaun, who made that neat-o "Table of Brains '98" logo.

I'd like to thank Matt Thalman for nothing, because I removed his stupid logo, and think he's a hypocritical ass.  

Lastly, there's that twisted artistic genius, Mike Strick who created that beautiful new brain, and the devil thing on the "break my heart" page. All three of those animations are Mike Strick, btw.

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